Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wei Lynn is 16 !!!

Last Saturday, I had to attend a birthday party at TGI Fridays. It's really not a normal thing as normally the birthday girl celebrates her birthday in her house but nevertheless, she hadn't had one for quite sometime. Anyway, last Saturday wasn't her birthday.

I went left house around 4.50pm and reached there around 5.05 pm. Bryan was already waiting for me there. After walking in the shopping complex for sometime, we decided to head our way to TGI Fridays. We were the last to arrive there.

It was perfect timing for us as our stomach begins to grumble and there was the food all set on the table. Without wasting our time, we begin tempting ourselves with the mouth watering food.

After eating the main dishes, we started talking and chatting as usual like everyone does. After sometime, the desert had arrived. As I wasn't having the desert, the TGI members came and brought out the cake. Ok...I have to be honest, I never would celebrate my birthday in TGI. Why ? Because the birthday boy or girl has to sing or give a speech on top of their chair. Wah lau !!

After that, we soon left TGI and head for home.


Group #2

the group




brithday cake

Someone's 16 !

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