Thursday, May 28, 2009


I'm not referring to the super awesome and sexy car, B&W. B&W in this post means black and white which I think you guys know pretty well. Looking through my blog, I noticed that I rarely post up pictures of black and white shots. Well, today I decided to upload some B&W shots. Black and white shots are pretty famous these days but their even more well known in the past. B&W shots are in my point of view, unique kind. Most of these shots portrays a sentimental feeling unlike colour pictures. Besides that, B&W shots can also evoke nostalgic feelings within a person. I guess there are many functions of these shots. Nevertheless, whenever I take a B&W photo, I still fail to feel these kind of feeling. haha..Not a very sentimental person I suppose.

Anyway, here are the shots. Enjoy.

50mm B&W

b&W shots 1

B&W shots 2

B&W 3

Monday, May 25, 2009


Human's expression can be regarded as one of the most priceless thing in life. These expressions potrays or convey the person's emotion at the current state. We can identify a person's feeling by just judging their faces. Sometimes we can't control our expressions or maybe I should say all the time. I guess expression can be classified under involuntary action. Here's some of the picutres of my friends that I've taken which have gave good expressions. =P




Due to some certain error, the picture below has to be taken down. Sorry for the inconvenience. Enjoy.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

No Boundaries

Once again my status is back online....just for a moment though. Nevertheless, I still managed to come online right after watching American Idol finale results. Yeah I know I'm a little back-dated in this thing but what can I do about it ? I can only view today on 8tv.

American Idol champ

As soon as the show ended, I came online and no surprise to me as everybody is listening to the new hit song by the newly crowned American Idol, Kris Allen which is No Boundaries. On my list of people there were so many people tuning into the same song. That includes me. No point denying it that this song is sure great.

Kris Allen

I guess that most people would want to learn to play it on their instruments. So here's a video that I saw in youtube. Hopefully you guys can pick up something from it. Have fun and have No Boundaries.

Pics taken from

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Finally !

Everyone is having fever right now. I'm not talking about the fever that we go to the doctor to get our usual medication but another meaning of it. It's called fever period. Students are having it due to exam fever. Football supporters ( MU especially) are having fever as today we may be able to see who champs the EPL. Badminton fans ( me) are also having fever due to the Sudirman Cup.

Some of M'sia team

I have to post this up as M'sia finally got into the semi-finals of the Sudirman Cup. Today will be the day they go against the titans, China. China has been winning this tournament for quite a number of time. Despite having the odds against M'sia to win this, I'm still gonna watch it. HAHA !! Who knows M'sia can turn the odds and feauture in the final ? If that happens that'll be great !

Some of China's team

Pics taken from

Friday, May 8, 2009

SportS DaY

Goosh.. I even forgotten when was the exact date we had our Sports Day. On the 18th of April if I'm not mistaken. I know it's an event that took place long time ago but due to some certain reasons I wasn't able to post it up.

I hope you guys know what is a sports day as it'll spare me the trouble to explain the whole programme from morning till the end of the event. =P


Handshake. Good sportmanship huh ?


Mascot. Was the limelight during the march past event


I heard him singing during the march past

clap ! clap !

Have to say the scouts did something different, clapping to a song beat.


PC's cheerleader

March presentation

Armour's march past

Top olahragas

Top athletes. I heard one of them had a international acievement.


School's athlete

Run !

Sprinting !

High jump

High jump


wushu giving presentation as always


Trophy 1


Trophy 2