Sunday, August 31, 2008

ConGraTs !!

Sometime ago, he said he'll never be it. He'll never join me. This is because he has the past stuffs to support his soon to be his stuff. Confusing ? I'm quite confused to as i read that sentence twice.

Not long he discover that his old stuff is not compatible with his soon to be his stuff. Then, he turned his back on it and joined me. mua hahaha !!! I guess this is the aftermath of not updating blog for quite sometime. Becoming siao.

Anyway, the he refers to......the one and only .....

GUAN !!!

Yes !!! He bought his new canon 1000d !!! He'll be the first person I see using 1000d as it's still new. Well come to the club. Canon buddy. XD

guan sheng


Saturday, August 23, 2008

ShockinG !

I think this might be shocking to you guys as well. Lee Chong Wei now is ranked world no.1. He's ahead of Lin Dan. Shocked ?

I always thought Lin Dan points are ahead of Chong Wei especially after beating Chong Wei in Olympics. Nevertheless, this is good news. He's world no.1 again after being world no.1 in the year 2006.

If you guys want to check out the other players ranking, the website is

Chong Wei Jia You !!!

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Monday, August 18, 2008


Speechless. That's what i got to say about the game yesterday. I admit that that was one of his off-form performance. Based on the game, I think Lin Dan should have won that game also. He played well. Nonetheless, I'm still remainding as a Chong Wei supporter. Hopefully this will not bring down his 'semangat' but fire him up for the next Super Series.

At least he is a silver medalist for this Olympic. He didn't came home empty handed. The Olympic silver medal from him is the first in twelve years.

'you have one of them already'


Chong Wei jia you !!!

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

He maDe It !!!

Yesterday, I said that I hoped that he would cruise through to the finals. And he managed to do so !! I guess blog about this seems to be already a 'basi' news. Chong Wei made it into the Olympics final !!! This means a medal is already assured. Anyway, here's some pictures.

lin dan


Lee Chong Wei

Chong Wei jia you !!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I was RighT !

I think you guys are already bored and sick of the same introduction of most of the recent post by bloggers which is 'It's over' (exams over). Nonetheless, I'm getting you guys even more sick...' It's over !!!!' I know I'm cruel and mean.

Well, besides the exam fever the Olympic fever never dies. During this four days of exams, my classmates and I are still able to discuss about Olympic. Yes, I know that most of our shuttles were shown the exit but there's still hope....because Lee Chong Wei made it into the semi-finals !!

Most were saying that Chong Wei will be shown exit today as well but Chong Wei played well to get into the semi-final. See ? My prediction was right. He'll at least made it into the semi-finals. HAHA...

Hope to see him play in the final.

Lin Dan


Chen Jin

Lee Hyun Il


Lee Chong Wei

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Friday, August 8, 2008

It's Here !

After years, months, weeks and days of count down is finally arrived. The most prestigious sport in the world has arrived. Beijing Olympic 2008 has arrived ! Well, I'm going to watch the opening ceremony at 8.30pm on RTM 1. I won't be seeing the whole ceremony as according to the guide it's around 3 hours and 30 minutes.

I think you guys already know what's my favorite sport in Beijing Olympic. And is going to start tomorrow !

Good luck Chong Wei

Good luck M'sia !

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Prefect Installation

It's been a week since the event took place. I know I'm late for posting this up but better late then never. Considering that I have a few pending post lately, I think the way I start of a post is the same saying that I'm late and all. Hopefully, this'll come into an end. Let's keep our finger's cross.

Anyway, this time the Prefect Installation has more meaning to me. I'm not saying that others are nothing to me but this year is much more meaningful. Why you may ask ? Well, it's because I'm involved in the planning of the event. I must express that this is a wonderful to know my fellow formates ( I don't know whether this word do exist ) as we work together.

Anyway, the formal Prefect Installation is almost the same. It has the speeches and the march past. Nonetheless, there were some that are different from the previous installation. Example, the booklet and brochure. It may be just a booklet but it's definitely special.

After the event, the informal Prefect Installation took place. There were dance performance, sketches and also singing. Not to forget of course the multimedia presentation. Anyway, here are some of the pictures. Hopefully there'll be more.




*Release stress in toilet* XD

Last but not least.....

the gang

Thanks guys for making it happen !

PS : Thanks Chris for your external flash. =P

Friday, August 1, 2008

Just A Moment

Yes, I'm very well aware that my blog is full of cobwebs. I've not been able to update lately. But hey ! There are some that haven't update till now. As far as I know my last update was on the 25/7. Not bad,huh ?

Alright here are some pictures for you guys while I edit some pictures for the next post. Yes there will be a next post my blog ain't dead yet.


there !

Up next : Prefect Installation.