Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sky shot

Around 7 pm, i walked out from my house to clear up the trash. So, happen at that time I saw the sky and I decided to take pictures of it. I've seen many sky shots that are magnificient and till now I'm not able to take those kind of shots. Maybe it's time to get a polarization filter ? Nah, I'm suppose to cut down on my expenses if I wanna but my flash or maybe 55-250mm. Anyway, I notice something fishy about my photo after taking it. There's like a patch of sunlight at one place. Nonetheless, this is my first time taking photos of sky, can't really expect a fantastic result. Hopefully I'll be able to capture better shots of sky in my next shots.




Advise on how to get better results are greatly appreciated. XD

Friday, April 24, 2009

Beat of Angel

I'm not sure if any of you guys out there know about Beat of Angel. Honestly, I don't know anything about it till like a month or two ago. This is simply because a group of dancer in my class used the song by this artist. I realized that Beat of Angel or better known as Boa is kinda popular. I'm quite surprise that I've never heard about her. Maybe is because her song is not played on the radio or TV.

As the saying goes, "A picture speaks a thousand words". Therefore, I'll let the picture do the talking about her.

Here's one of the song that I've been listening to lately. It's called "I did it for love". You guys can try "Eat you up" too.

Pics taken from

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A minute with 85mm

Last Tuesday, I received a surprise visit by a friend of mine. He was passing me a lens which he borrowed from another friend of my,Melissa. I managed to use the lens for only a minute which explains the tittle of my post. Why only a minute ? I was already suppose to be in bed like ages ago but I was still awake.

Anyway, I managed to take only two shots. HAHA !! 1 minute for two pictures. I don't really know how to use 85mm to be honest with you guys. It was different from 50mm or kit lens that I've always been using. The focusing part is kinda hard so I decided to take what I can at that moment. If given more time, I would of course take much more.




Monday, April 20, 2009


Here are some recent shots I've taken lately. Haven't been able to take as much as I used to but as soon as I get the chance to hone my photography skill, it's definitely a great pleasure to do so.

The best part is as soon as I get the chance to snap some pictures, I was forced to stand under the mean and unkind sun that caused my face and skin to be roasted. Now you can ge Kenny Rogers J. But undivided passion towards photography has made me to bear the heat and rage of the sunlight for like 4 hours ( yeah rite)

Anyway I should stop complaining about the rage of the sun and the roasted skin of my as I think none of you would give a damn about it. =P Here are some of the pictures, not many I can post for now as I gotta rush off already. I hope you guys enjoy this brief and short update. Hopefully there'll be more very very soon.




J signing off.

Thanks Guan !

Friday, April 17, 2009

Internet Connection

By now, most people in the world has and are using the Internet. Internet has definitely played a huge major role in our lives. We get most of daily dosage of information and entertaiment like videos ( dirty ones too =P).

As much as the Internet did wonders is our lives, we still aren't satisfied. We all complain about the same thing : the connection. The only thing that makes it not perfect. What to do..we aren't people that are easily satiesfied.

Anyway, here's some interesting info if you guys ever wonder which country are enjoying the the great connections.

1. South Korea- 15Mbps !!
2. Japan
3. Hong Kong
4. Romania
5. Sweden
6. Switzerland
7. Netherlands
8. Belgium
9. Slovakia
10. Norway

So, now you know which country that has high and good Internet speed, don't be jealous yea. Just kidding. If you guys want to read more on this topic visit

Have fun. XD

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beat this babey !

Everybody has different favourite types of food. Sometimes we really love the food until we go nuts when we don't have it. Is it even possible to go nuts when we're missing our favourite dish ? I don't know. When I said nuts, I meant really really really in physcho or insane or super siao.

If you're wondering just like me whether if it's possible take a look at this video. Dare you guys to reach this stage man !

Prepare for insanity. =P

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I know the tittle of the post sounds wrong but in order to grab your attention, I'll have to do so. I definitely sound like a Machiavellian right now.

Anyway, this post is about me tryin to purchase a external flash. As you guys know, camera comes with flash but surely doesn't produce the result as good as an external flash. I don't really know how to explain why is it so good compare to a flash besides picture having a really nice colour.

Most Dslr users will get a external flash sooner or later. Some even more "siao" get two. With so many brands competing with each other, it does give us a migraine to choose between them. Nevertheless, the better for us. All this while I've been aiming to get only one external flash which is 580 ExII. I've yet to hear people complain about this external flash, because it does seem to be good or maybe the best. Due to budget constrains, I'm having difficulty getting it

A few of my friends are using 430 EX II instead of 580 EX II. I guess most of them have the same reason as me. " Mo chin lah ! " ( No money lah) . I've heard various comment on this external flash. Some giving the pros of it some giving the negative sides of it. Surely no where near 580 EX II quality. I did once consider for it but never really shown the deep affection to it.

Now, for the first time.....I'm considering to buy a third party external flash. You got that right. I'm considering to get a third party flash. You can blame this on my dear friends, who are also crazy about it. One thing great about a third party stuff is that the price is definitely much much lower. Try 1.5k to 400+. Nissin di622. That's the external flash that I'm seriously considering. My friends say that the result is almost as good as 430 Ex II. Now that's something. It's basically due to the price and the almost as good as quality that made me consider this. I'm pretty sure that most people will consider it too. Hope I will not be wrong about getting this flash. Give me feedback please.

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Strum-ing it

Apologies for the lack of update till some have already claim that this blog is dead. If any of you so happen to hear that news, please with all your might don't believe that speculations, although I must admit that it's been a while since my last update. Nevertheless, here's an update for my "dead" blog.

guitar header

I used to play the guitar like months back. All of the sudden I got the urge to play it again. I don't know where it came from but it just did. It's quite surprising as I'm not taking any more lessons which I previously do. Gotta admit that it does feel good to play again although it's no longer as good as before. With the help of useful websites that enable me to obtain the guitar tab and some glimpse of guitar play, it surely is a plus point for me.

I'm so sure that most of you or should I say all of you know the song by Yiruma- River flows in you. It's played on piano and the melody of it is really great. It's so great that some play it on guitar. Playing piano scripts on guitar is no longer a peculiar thing anymore. Anyway, this is the video that I viewed on youtube moments ago.



tip of guitar