Wednesday, April 30, 2008

HAPPY BiRthDaY !!!

Wishing my 2nd nephew a very happy belated birthday. I know what you guys are thinking lah...but I'm not that old ok ! Anyway, this event took place last week the same day as my debate day.

As soon as I reached home, my mom rushed me to bath as we're suppose to leave soon. I was like "WAHLAU !!! So fast meh !" but I realize that it was kinda late as it was already 6.00 pm. After getting bath, we left home and reached the restaurant at 7.00 pm.

As usual after greeting all my relatives, we set down patiently while waiting for our mouth-watering food. The type of the dinner was eight course style. Soon, the dishes arrive and we wait no longer and filled our stomach.
I must say that the food here is not bad. It's pretty good. Then, after we ate the scrumptious food, we left and headed to my cousin's home and chit chat again ! We all really talk alot don't we. Around 11.15 pm, we headed to our respective homes.

The restaurant


1st dish

2nd dish

dunno what no. dish =P

Sizzling tom yam prawn

Rice with sausage

Macro shot of dish no .2

The birthday cake

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Should or Should Not

Recently, one of my friend, can consider it as old friend lah...old not as in the fellow is old but the friendship is old...11 years ok ! He is now serving nuffnang...

Then, I was thinking, should I put advertisement in my blog or should I not. It's pretty hard to get people to click the advertisement unless you're super popular, it'll be piece of cake.

So, should I or should I not ? You guys ask why I'm asking this ? I can say that it may due to....peer presure ? HAHA !!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hari Anugerah 2008

Wah ! It's almost a week since it took place. Kinda busy this few days. That explains my delay on updating this event.

This annual event took place last Saturday which is on the 19th of April 2008. Left home around 7.15 am as there aren't roll-call which takes place every morning. Most were already there. As usual, camera were clicked and pictures were taken.

Around 8.30 am, the VIP finally arrived. To be honest with you, I was pretty suprised by the early arrival of the VIP. I mean it's good. Woooottt!!! After the choir group sang the Negaraku and the school song, speeches by the VIP and headmistress were taken place.

Finally after waiting, the moment has arrived ! Taking our anugerah ! While the event is taking place, students and parents were busy taking photos. Capturing the memories mah ! The Twelveans award went to Faez and Wan Shin. The event ended with the tarian by our own school students. It ended around 11 am.

Here are the pics !
Me and Faez ( Twelvean of the year )
Yivern, Mel, Xin Li
Ilmu and Izzul
Me and Zach

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I sudah kena tag

5 things found in my bag:
1. textbook
2. file
3. papers
4. pencil case
5. buku nota

5 things found in my wallet:
1. loh !
2. cards
3. coins
4. still got meh ?
5. why put so much things in wallet ? =P

5 things found in my room:
1. bed...of course
2. books
3. door
4. wardrobe
5. table lamp ?

5 things that i wanted to do:
1. wanted to do ? means it's in the past ?
2. went badminton training earlier
3. create blog
4. skip school
5. don't finish my homework

5 things i am currently into:
2. photography ?
3. blogging
4. sleeping
5. News Room-ing

List out 5 present you wish for:
1. Yonex Arc Saber !!
2. Yonex Armotec 900
3. Nikon D60 !!
4. free air ticket
5. lah !!!

The person who tagged you is...
Chan Tzejiunn

5 impression of him/her:
1. dunno..
2. tak tahu
3. ok lah....
4. hardworking !
5. bookworm ?

ONE memorable things he/she done to you:
Asking me to do this tag...lolx

If he or she become your lover,you will:
I'll die lah !!! I not gay man !!!

If he/she become your enemy,you will:
Hope won't become loh...if become then...too bad lah...

Pass this quiz to 5 ppl:
1. Chien Su Ann
2. Bryan Han
3. Haranoop
4. Zachary
5. Rayna
Sports DAY

Yesterday, was the 8th ( if I'm not mistaken) annual Sports Day for SMK USJ 12. As usual, it was held in the field of the school. Fortunately, it didn't rain the day before yesterday or worse on that day itself as I've said I hate stepping on top of wet grass.

Left house and reached school around 7++ am. Most people were already there. Unit Beruniform and sport houses were rehearsing their performance for that day. I was one of the photographer for yesterday's event. Guess what ? I am the only non-DSLR user....All pro there man !

The event kicked off with acara jalan kaki. Most people would think that...what the hell ! Jalan kaki also need to compete...but after seeing the event, it's not that easy as you guys think man ! One of the best thing about watching them walking is the way they move...pretty sexy ! haha !!

After that, there was a torch relay. And the thingi was lit as the opening ceremony of the 8th Annual Sports Day. And then, perbarisan was up next ! I was pretty impressed with the performance of all the perbarisan. It's not normal like the previous years, all of them gave something that we didn't see before.

The event continue with several events ( you can't expect me to remember right ?) The main attraction of the day, as usual goes to the tug of war. The crowd definitely went wild cheering for their teams ! Not only the student cheered but the teachers as well ! And of course there was event for the teachers and also parents.

At the end of the day, the prize giving ceremony was done as the closing ceremony. The champion for the 8th Annual Sports Day goes to Norton ! After the prize giving ceremony, everyone left the school and went home. I went home too....with my skin getting sun burned.

Well, here are the pics to do the talking.

let's get it started !

headmistress with her speech

schools on fire ? no worries man !

haven't started but all dead ??

eh !!!

go ! go go !!!

smell my ketiak ?

Friday, April 11, 2008

BIG day

It's the annual sports day tommorow. As usual it's going to be a huge event. Hopefully, it doesn't rain tonight or early in the morning...or worse during sports day. Although I don't take part in any events but...we all don't like walking on top wet grass, do we ?

Good luck to everyone tommorow who's taking part in any event !

Good luck to Lee Chong Wei in ABC !!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


I consider this as an oldies post as this event took place quite sometime ago. Besides, it isn't a memory that I would like to remember.

You guys may ask why I wouldn't want to remember it especially this year.It's simple...we won nothing. Yup ! Though my individual results improve but the team event which most of us put it as the highest priorities. Most will say that my team is filled up with kiasu people....but don't blame us, we've a good record on team event. Three consecutive years in under-15, we were the gold medalist. It means that since I'm form 1 we've started winning all the way.

Sadly, this year we weren't able to make it a forth and be the champion in the U-18 category for the first time. The worst part is it's Kevin's last year. Going home empty handed and it's the last's painful thing.

Nevertheless, I'll post some pics too eventhough frustration is high....
the school...forgotten the name...=P It's in Shah Alam.
The hall

I must admit that I haven't been updating my blog since I'm quite busy over the pass few days. Nevertheless, April is a busy month I must say. This month it's the annual Sports Day and also Hari Anugerah Kecermelangan. Not to forget that there's Hari Interaksi for prefects too.

Hopefully, I'm able to take some shots during those upcoming events.

Anyway, since the title of this post is random. I will then upload some random pics.

Tiny tiny apple

look at the roots ! or is it a leg ?