Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mua LuNch

I think I spend most of my time during the holiday trying to hone my rusty photography skills. Taking photos of mostly anything I feel like taking. This includes my lunches during holidays. No, I'm not that bored but I just don't have anything else that is more....interesting to capture such as models ? hahaha..I have craved to do a portrait photo shoot, still craving for more.

Anyway, here are some of my shots of my lunch.

pizza 2

Pizza !!!!

100 plus

With a chilled 100 plus


Plus some water...You can't expect me to just drink 100 plus right ??? No, not me. 1 can of 100 plus seem to be sufficient liao..


Up close with mua pizZa

PS : Holidays coming to an end soon, yet, I'm still waiting for my portrait photoshoot !!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Canon in da Dark

Alright so this is my second post for this month ! Around of applause to myself for being able to update this blog after such a long long time.

I was playing with some of my camera's function today until it hit me that "hey, let's try something". So, I took my camera bag and set up the shoot studio. Actually, it far small than mini since the only light source I used was a torchlight.

The tittle above said it all. I took pictures of my miniature Canon family in the dark, depending solely on the torchlight acting as a light source. I gotta admit that I had a hard time trying to focus on the object. Blame the darkness. Thank goodness I have my little baby 50mm f1.8, which has allowed me to shoot in a low F number to maximize the light. As I was facing hindrance to focus on to my subject, I have tried some shot using manual mode in state of auto mode.

I thought of taking more and more shots trying to change the direction of light source. Unfortunately, my camera's battery betrayed me in the end by dying half way. It's now in the hospital receiving its treatment. *sigh*

Anyway, here some of the shots below. Feel free to give any comment.

trademark by J

canon in the dark 2

canon in the dark 3

canon in the dark 4

canon in the dark 1

canon in the dark 5

canon in the dark 6

Any suggestion on what should I shoot next ?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Wesak Day 2010

Time to clean up the cobwebs. It's my semester break again. Guess that explains why I'm updating the blog now. I will try to update as regular as possible whenever I have the chance.

Wesak Day took place in the month of May. For those who don't know what is Wesak Day all about, here's a something for you guys. Wesak Day is to mark the birth, Enlightenment and passing away of Gautama Buddha.

As usual, I went to temple and volunteer to help at the stall. This year, my temple were glad to receive a visit from the Prime Minister of Malaysia and his wife, together with other ministers. Besides that, we also received a pleasant visit from Gordon Ramsay. For those who watched Hell's Kitchen, you guys know who I'm referring to.

I guess I'll let the pictures below to do the rest of the talking.


flower 2

flower 3

Flower 1

Don't blame me for taking few flower pictures...I was helping at the flower stall.

busy street

Busy street. Sorry for this blur image, I didn't mount my camera onto a tripod and I was shooting in a slow shutter speed.

handing strings out


Tossing the coin

Tossing the coin into the fountain.


The press and crowd trying to get a shot of the VIPs (Prime Minister and his wife together with the ministers)

Gordon Ramsay with me

Lucky enough to get a shot with Gordon Ramsay. wooooot !!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

oMnium gath3rum

Semester break is going to end soon. But then again looking at the bright side, I've been keeping myself busy watching the television...but only Thomas Cup and Uber Cup. Well, it's better than nothing. Currently watching some photoshop tutorials too...thanks to Jerome.

Anyway, here's some random shots taken some other days. Enjoy.

flower 1

flower 2


sunset 2


Thursday, April 29, 2010


I don't like leaving my April blog post as 0. Zero isn't a very good number for me. Anyway, I just realized that it was ZERO !! Put the blame on the back-to-back assignment, mid-term and also quizzes. So, I guess I was pretty caught up with those and that explains my lack of update.

Anyway, recently, I decided to take a few shots after quite a while. I didn't have to head far as I spotted something in my garden. I don't really know what plant is it called all I know that the stuff that I was shooting is called a 'bird'. It's quite rare....I guess as I've never seen it anywhere else before.

So, skip the crap here are some of the shots. Oh by the way, all shots are taken my 50mm.

Bird 1

Bird 5

Bird 2

Bird 4

Bird 3

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Check this out !

It was unusual day for me today. Firstly, it was because I finally had lunch with some of my high schoolmates. Unfortunately, not all of them due to different scheldues. In addition to the unusual day, I had to stay back in college to attend a seminar after lunch.

The seminar basically touched on what to expect in college and of course! America. So, I manage to find the video shown to us on youtube. You guys have to check this out regardless if your still in high school or postgraduate or undergraduate. It's hillarious ! Have a laugh with it.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

AbandoN BuilDing PhotoShoot

This activity took place a week ago, to be exact last Saturday. It was an insane Saturday for me because I had to attend a 6 hours driving amali in PJ. I actually finished the course earlier than expected but I had to wait till 4pm to clock out. While I was queuing in line to clock out, I received a call from Eu Gene.

Eu Gene: Where you ?
J : Driving amali. Wanna chao liao. Why ?
Eu Gene : Wanna go shooting anot ?
J : oh...ok loh..When ah ?
Eu Gene: er...Now la !
J : ........ Who's going ?
Eu Gene : Not sure but Khai Shaun ajak la.
J : ok ok la !

So, rushed home and quickly get my camera ready while waiting for Khai Shaun's arrival. I don't know where exactly we were heading to but all I know that day we were going to do indoor shooting. Pheeewww. Just to remind you it was going to rain and it actually did rain heavily.

Suddenly, Khai Shaun said "There ! We shooting inside there." I and Eu Gene stared at each other. We were like "WTH !!!!" Honestly, it was beyond what we had imagine.When we know we were going to do indoor shooting, we never expected an ABANDON BUILDING !!! @#@#%$$^$%

Still after coming quite a distance, we head in and explored the building. Went on firing our cameras until we were quite satisfied. We hurried home from that building. Thank god we got out of the building as soon as possible. hahhaha !! It wasn't one of the greatest experience you can ever expect, yet it's still a new one for me.

The whole abandon bulding photoshoot basically taught us how to really use the natural light and the exposure of the camera. Thanks to Khai Shaun for the experience and of course the transport on that day but anyway please don't freak me out by bringing me to an abandon building again man ! hahaha.

abandon building 5

abandon building 6

abandon building 2

abandon building 3

abandon building 7

abandon building 4

abandon building 1

abandon building 8

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Boo or Yeah !

Most of my peers had already started their lives in college. They already had at least 3 months of experience and I bet they had settle down with the new chapter of their life. Well, I'll be entering the a whole new experience in just a few more hours. I don't know whether is a good thing or not, but surely I am keeping my fingers cross to have a great journey during my college life in INTI. Hopefully, it'll be great experience.
Here I go, (hopefully ready) to uncover my new chapter of my life.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Money makes a man ? hell yeah !

As we people leap into the era of globalization, it's getting harder for us to deny the fact that money really does make a man. The symbol or the sound *cek qing* is always on our mind. Well, of course there are many factors that also provides happiness to us but still money has and always will be one of the main factor that contribute to the happiness of man.

Money can get us most of the thing we want. I'll put it very simple, if we have lots and lots of money, we won't even have to worry about purchasing anything at anytime. The importance of money has made man drag on doing drudgery work just to earn some cash to support their living.

Okay back to the main point. You guys must be wondering " What the heck has happen to this guy ?!" From photography all along and then out of the It's surely a capricious action although I don't do it very often. Nah...I'm not ready to change my photoblog into....a blog.

All of the sudden I'm talking about this is because I really want to purchase some gadgets for my camera !! Just so you know, photography is a really expensive hobby. So, for those of you out there that haven't got poison into photography ...think twice although it's really my humble opinion.

My wish list now has changed ! hahaha. Currently I want :

An external flash.

A lens

A battery grip ( not that obsessed about it YET)

So, you guys do the math and tell me does money make a man ? XD

Monday, March 15, 2010

LEE chOnG WeI is the NeW All England CHAMPION !!

Yup the title of the post said it all. He's the champion of All England 2010. All England considered as one of the most prestigious tournament among the other super series. What makes this victory even sweeter is that this is the 100th edition of All England.

After the constant backlash on him, he finally proved a point, eventhough it's just the beginning of the year. First Malaysian to win Korean Open Super Series ( correct me if I'm wrong), Won the Malaysian Open Super Series again ! And then finally All England !!! He participated these tournaments and won it back to back in fashion.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lamp light pHotoshOot

It's been three months since I actually hold my beloved DSLR. Forgive me for being apart from you so long. Nonetheless, I had spend some time with it just yesterday to take some shots.

Ever since I was away for months, many event had took place. Some has added brute strength to their DSLR by getting L lens or even a external flash. Two gadgets that I'm craving for. Care to sponsor ? hahahahaa ! Anyway, I decided to have a little fun yesterday with a low light condition using a lamp light to do a mini photoshoot. Lens that I chose was none other than 50mm f1.8.

Here are the results. Feedback are most welcome !

shot 4

shot 5

shot 3

shot 2

shot 6

shot 1