Sunday, March 28, 2010

AbandoN BuilDing PhotoShoot

This activity took place a week ago, to be exact last Saturday. It was an insane Saturday for me because I had to attend a 6 hours driving amali in PJ. I actually finished the course earlier than expected but I had to wait till 4pm to clock out. While I was queuing in line to clock out, I received a call from Eu Gene.

Eu Gene: Where you ?
J : Driving amali. Wanna chao liao. Why ?
Eu Gene : Wanna go shooting anot ?
J : oh...ok loh..When ah ?
Eu Gene: er...Now la !
J : ........ Who's going ?
Eu Gene : Not sure but Khai Shaun ajak la.
J : ok ok la !

So, rushed home and quickly get my camera ready while waiting for Khai Shaun's arrival. I don't know where exactly we were heading to but all I know that day we were going to do indoor shooting. Pheeewww. Just to remind you it was going to rain and it actually did rain heavily.

Suddenly, Khai Shaun said "There ! We shooting inside there." I and Eu Gene stared at each other. We were like "WTH !!!!" Honestly, it was beyond what we had imagine.When we know we were going to do indoor shooting, we never expected an ABANDON BUILDING !!! @#@#%$$^$%

Still after coming quite a distance, we head in and explored the building. Went on firing our cameras until we were quite satisfied. We hurried home from that building. Thank god we got out of the building as soon as possible. hahhaha !! It wasn't one of the greatest experience you can ever expect, yet it's still a new one for me.

The whole abandon bulding photoshoot basically taught us how to really use the natural light and the exposure of the camera. Thanks to Khai Shaun for the experience and of course the transport on that day but anyway please don't freak me out by bringing me to an abandon building again man ! hahaha.

abandon building 5

abandon building 6

abandon building 2

abandon building 3

abandon building 7

abandon building 4

abandon building 1

abandon building 8

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