Friday, March 28, 2008

Twins ?

Step up 2 has been the hot topic for several weeks especially in my class. Well, after watching the trailer of it....yea..haven't watch the movie yet, I was confused when I saw the leading actress in the movie is Briana Evigan. I thought she was Sophia Bush...the one that's well known for acting in One Tree Hill. They both really look a like. Take a look at the pics below...I mean they don't look 100% same...but they really do look alike.

Anyway, Death Note is on it's way to our cinema !!! I want go watch L again. hehe...

Briana Evigan

Sophia Bush


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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wei Lynn is 16 !!!

Last Saturday, I had to attend a birthday party at TGI Fridays. It's really not a normal thing as normally the birthday girl celebrates her birthday in her house but nevertheless, she hadn't had one for quite sometime. Anyway, last Saturday wasn't her birthday.

I went left house around 4.50pm and reached there around 5.05 pm. Bryan was already waiting for me there. After walking in the shopping complex for sometime, we decided to head our way to TGI Fridays. We were the last to arrive there.

It was perfect timing for us as our stomach begins to grumble and there was the food all set on the table. Without wasting our time, we begin tempting ourselves with the mouth watering food.

After eating the main dishes, we started talking and chatting as usual like everyone does. After sometime, the desert had arrived. As I wasn't having the desert, the TGI members came and brought out the cake. Ok...I have to be honest, I never would celebrate my birthday in TGI. Why ? Because the birthday boy or girl has to sing or give a speech on top of their chair. Wah lau !!

After that, we soon left TGI and head for home.


Group #2

the group




brithday cake

Someone's 16 !

Friday, March 21, 2008


There was a.....weird thing happened today.

First thing, it was chemistry tuition. It's definitely not an ordinary tuition day. Well, as usual our teacher was discussing our homework. And then, she said, 'Normally those who does my work will normally get A1 in SPM and those who don't...worse is also B.' And so happen that the guy beside me, didn't finish his homework. Whoa !!! I tell you guys, the sentence that my teacher said....pierce his heart man !! That poor fellow started saying he got no future cause he would fail chemistry...and the worse part is he said he can't go to any college and can't go into Form 6 too. Want to know who's that ? It's Bryan !!!

Guess what I said about expecting the unexpected this year is becoming more true...hahaha !! XD

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Finally !

Finally it's a one day holiday ! Huray !!! Big deal day only. -.- Still got much more homework to do. Especially Sejarah.

Anyway, we finally got our money after a long waiting. Around 12.45pm today, we were asked to go to the Dewan to receive our money. XD... It's really a long wait comparing to other schools who had received them earlier. So, please forgive us if we're acting a little unusual....long wait ok ! Few months already.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

More to come ?

Well, with Backstreet boys and Jay Chou gone... Not forgetting Switchfoot too. Anymore concerts coming up this year ?

Celine Dion. She's heading to M'sia very soon. She'll be performing on the 8th of April at Stadium Merdeka.

Well, since Jay Chou left M'sia recently, other Chinese pop-star is heading towards us. It's Nicholas Teo !! I bet most of the girls will be buying the tickets...or maybe most have already bought !

How cool if bands like Maroon 5 is also stopping and performing in M'sia ? But nevertheless, their heading to our neighbour, Singapore to perform.

Well, I think that more artist will be heading their ways towards M'sia soon. ^.^

Celine Dion

Nicholas Teo

Maroon 5

Pics taken from
Hilarious !

At 3 pm today, I gave my hair a cut. Not at APT but just a barber near my house. After telling the barber what to do, he started cutting my hair as usual. Then, when he was about to cut my side-burn, he asked me...

Barber : You mau cukur janggut ah ?

Me : ( What the crap !...I was laughing to myself but not aloud ). Tak mahu, terima kasih bos...with a smile on my face.

Do I look like I have a janggut ? Just imagine me having a long white or maybe black or maybe....rainbow janggut. XD I bet I'll scared the shit out of you guys ! heheehe...

Friday, March 14, 2008

SPM Result DAY !!

It was suppose to be good luck post...but my Internet connection went wrong at the wrong time. So, I guess I will have to scrap that post of as it's too late..

I went to school yesterday around 9.00 am. My friends are already there Eu Gene, Thomas and Bryan. After lending my hand to bring down the magazines, we chatted for a while as none of the ex-Twelveans has arrived since it's quite early. After hearing some songs and talking, soon many of them started to show up.

Nevertheless, the results hasn't arrived yet. So, it was their turn to chat about their friends. It' been a while I haven't seen most of my seniors. I have to admit that some were quite shocking with their new hair style especially. But no matter how colourful or long your hair is, you guys will never be threatened to be brought to the BBI. ^.^

Soon, the moment that they've been waiting for has arrived. After several nights without nice and soundless sleep, the results were out ! Well, I guess I don't have to elaborate how they take their results and all.

Around 1.30 pm, Su ann and us went to our berlunch session at Secret Recipe in Taipan. After filling our empty stomach, we went to APT and watched Bryan get his hair cut !

Around 4pm, I arrived at home safely. ^.^

Bryan and Eu gene

Chatting with friends

Serving with a smile

Advertising Nikon D70s

Pn Evelyn

Wooot !!!

Come on...pls...

Wah !!

I haven't take my magazine yet...

OMG !!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Dangerous 2008

It's 2008. Most people says that this year will be the year of prosperity. But in my point of view, 2008 is an unexpected year maybe dangerous too.

According to Feng Shui master AJY ( yeah right...not qualified punya...), this year, all of us have to be ready for unexpected it's only the third month of 2008 and many surprising event has began.

Analysis done by Master AJY ( =P)

1- Election results clearly is unexpected

2- Badminton results also unexpected. Lin Dan LOST to Chen Jin in the final of All England 2008.

3- MU lost to Portsmouth ( don't mind about the spelling )

So, guys....and always alert this year, the year of the rat is full of unexpected stuffs....

Got pawned last night...

He pawned Lin Dan...suprise suprise...

I edited this image. Took the image from google image. Link is below.

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Goodbye Birmingham

Well, is over for M'sia. Both of our players lost. Chong Tan Fok and Lee Wan Wah lost to the Korean pair and Chong Wei went down to Chen Jin from China.

Well, Chong Tan Fok and Lee Wan Wah were doing very fine in the rubber game. They reached to the game point first and game back all to their opponent and...goodbye !

Chong Wei......Sadly to say but he was playing tooooooo safe against Chen Jin. Starting of the second game, I knew that hope was beginning to fade. Haiz....

But never mind, it's a game and all game has winner and loser. The M'sian player unfortunately had to become the loser.

Nevertheless, I'm still supporting Chong Wei. All England is only one tournament, there's many too come.

He will stand up again. ^.^

PS : I guess Lin Dan will retain his tittle again.

All pics are taken from

4.58 am. It was really worth staying up ! Whoooo !!! Lucky is early in the morning, or I'll yell man !!!!

Don't have to ask you all guess what happen. I guess you all know what happen already. If you all don't know.......I'll tell you all loh ! CHONG WEI WON !!!!!! Not only that, he won in....STRAIGHT SETS !!!! 23-21, 21-17.

That's the way man ! So, I guess RTM 1 is going to show live telecast tomorow as Chong Wei is already in semi-finals ! If I'm not wrong, this is his best outing in All England so far. Keep going man !!! Win the tittle !!!

Both the picture is taken from .
It' Time !!!!

Yup ! I'm still awake...I know is already 4 am...Why the hell am I awake ? Badminton loh ! hehe...Not toreh getah ok....^.^

So, this is it, the clash between two titans. M'sia's favourite player ( in my point of view of course )vs Indonesia's Bad Boy !

Good luck Chong Wei !!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Big DAy

Tommorow's going to be a really huge day. I mean really huge. Why is it huge you ask ?Well is going to be the moment for all M'sia have been waiting's been all over newspaper for weeks ! Election man !!!

But as everyone knows, I'm are superbly HUGE fan of .......



Again ? Ya, I know again. Sorry, I just can't help it. Come on guys, it's Lee Chong Wei taking on TAufik Hidayat. It's are really BESAR match ok ! If I'm not mistaken, the game kicks off 4 am tomorow early in the morning. But sadly, there isn't any live telecast. Nevertheless, I'm sure that there is livescore or live for those matches on internet...So,

JIA YOU Chong Wei !!!!

And of course to other M'sian players who are Wong Mew Choo and the doubles pair Chong TAn Fok and Lee Wan Wah.

Chong Wei's threat.

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Shocked !!!!

It's been a while ever since I upload due to the examination I had in school. Finally, it's over.

As everyone knows, now is what we call...the sport season. With champions league, EPL and Euro 2008 on the way, I'm pretty sure that most of you guys will stay up late to watch this. But what attracts this the most is........




Yup !!! Badminton !!! I'm expecting most of you guys saying aiyo.....and again.....haha XD.

Anyway back to the topic, I was shocked when I heard the news on the radio saying that Xie Xingfang knocked out from All England. It was only the first round. Not only that, our M'sian top doubles pair have also exit from this tournament lossing in the first round as well. Really shocking !!!

PS : Real Madrid lost too....shocked too.

Jia You !!!!!



KKK/TBH pic is taken from

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Why must this happen ????

It was just the same Sunday evening like any other. Around 5.30 pm, I wanted to play badminton as usual after doing some light revision, guess started to RAIN !!!!

I was like WTH !!! Maybe mother nature is asking me to do more revision. Cha tou man.. Get ready everything already...then...RAIN !!!!

I wish I could control the weather....HAHA !!!

PS : Good luck people !!!!!
Exam fever

I guess most of us are rushing into our last minute studies..or some may have already started to relax. Monday is going to be really hectic as I'll be taking 4 papers. Wish me luck...

Good luck to everyone !!!!