Saturday, March 8, 2008

Goodbye Birmingham

Well, is over for M'sia. Both of our players lost. Chong Tan Fok and Lee Wan Wah lost to the Korean pair and Chong Wei went down to Chen Jin from China.

Well, Chong Tan Fok and Lee Wan Wah were doing very fine in the rubber game. They reached to the game point first and game back all to their opponent and...goodbye !

Chong Wei......Sadly to say but he was playing tooooooo safe against Chen Jin. Starting of the second game, I knew that hope was beginning to fade. Haiz....

But never mind, it's a game and all game has winner and loser. The M'sian player unfortunately had to become the loser.

Nevertheless, I'm still supporting Chong Wei. All England is only one tournament, there's many too come.

He will stand up again. ^.^

PS : I guess Lin Dan will retain his tittle again.

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