Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Tong tong tong qiang,
tong tong tong qiang,
gong xi ah gong xi..

I think I better stop singing as it might made this auspicious festival turn into a gloomy day. Who in the world would want to celebrate Chinese New Year with the rain all the time ?

This year's Chinese New Year is slightly different than the previous year. Why ? Because this is the first time I did more work for the preparation of the celebration. I always do the preparation with my family members but this time, I felt that it's slightly more than usual.

We bid farewell to the year of rat and now we're greeting the year of the ox. Acording to link, the year of the ox symbolizes prosperity through fortitude and hard work. So, don't expect to shake leg and prosperity come to us. What more with the current global recession. I don't know what kind of year will the year of the ox be. Last year, I stated that the year of the rat is a.k.a the year of unexpectation since there had been series of unexpected events. I wonder what'll the year ox be ?

Alright fellow readers, I bid you guys a happy chinese new year. May you all get big big angpow till your pocket becomes fat fat...then tear and lose all the money. HAHA !! Just joking. May you guys enjoy your wonderful chinese new year.

gong xi fa cai


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Larian Twelveans

So near yet so far. That's all I can say about today's Larian Twelveans.

Went to school as usual in the morning. The only difference this time is that there are the afternoon session joining us. This annual event kicked off with Senamrobik. As usual some were seriously following each and every move of the Senamrobik. As I expected some don't even bother to move a muscle during the warming session.

As soon as it's over, the girls were instructed to move to the starting point. One by one, all of them went. Before I even knew what was going on, it was already my turn to run. While running, I saw many kinds of expressions and people. Some were striving their best for the first place. But some were striving even harder to be the last !!! Well, I know being last is really easy but still from what I saw being the last isn't that easy as it may seem to be. Shocking.

I didn't have the sanguine feeling that I'll break into the top 20 as the distance this year has increased to 3.2 km. Nevertheless, I just gave what I could. As I was reaching the crux of the race, my stomach began to ache. SHIT !! I mean ache as in not the toilet process thing, but is more like cramp. And that took place when I was less than 1km from the school. Soon, I managed to arrive in school with an aching stomach. It was then I knew that I missed the top 20 by only a few spot !!! I only managed to get 25 th. That's what I meant at the beginning of the post. So near yet so far. My final year and I failed to be in the top 20. *sigh*

After recess it was time for the prize giving ceremony. This year's LT champion goes to McAffee (correct me if I'm wrong). By 12.30pm, student went home with the Chinese New Year spirit as I believed many would rush back to their hometown right away.


Nikon in action




Guan, Mel, Xin Li






Ex-6 Arif

PS : Apologize for no running pictures as I was one of the participant of the event.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mo update liao

When school begins, bloggers go on holiday. Many didn't manage to update their blog as soon as the school has began and unfortunately, one of them is me. Nevertheless, there are some that are even more pitiful like bloggers resign from their duty. Some decided to come back after a long time but the effort seem to be in vain. Sad case. I guess recession year is a really tough year even though it's just 7 days in the new year.

No, I'm not quiting blogging but I can expect there'll be fewer updates compare to before. Less update is equally bad as dead. Yes, I know that but I'm keeping my fingers cross that I'll exceed that expectation. Wish me luck !

Only one pricture for today. Sorry about that. =P

Leaf in Rain

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kate = Guy ?!!!

No one in the world will have that thought. Kate = guy. Seriously does Kate sounds like a guy name to you ?!!! I admit myself that the world has became a "better" place. Therefore, I shouldn't be surprise to experience weird stuff these days. But !! Kate = guy ?!!!

You guys must be shocked as well. This Kate = guy thing is said by an adolescence not a five year old kid ? And the Kate that I'm mentioning about is Kate Beckinsale . Yes ! The one that acts as the hottie and "leng lui" vampire in Underworld, the one that model in magazines like Allure and Mean, etc etc..

I mean who in the world can say that Kate Beckinsale is a guy !!! After the all her good acting and modeling, someone can actually come up with a conclusion that Kate Beckinsale is a guy.

This is the conversation I had with the clown.

J : This year got nice show leh ! Underworld ( Rise of the Lycans)
Clown : Underworld ?? Never heard before ( -.-)
J : It's the vampire and werewolf thingi loh. It's something like Twilight.
Clown : Oh... Who's the main actor/actress ?
J : Kate Beckinsale. woooot !!!
Clown : Kate ? Is a guy ah ?

The clown is..... Melissa Yuen !! Yes. To all Kate Beckinsale, you know who to hunt now. Alright enough said before my blood pressure goes up to high. Surely not a good way to start my schooling days.

PS : This post is meant for entertainment purposes only. Not intending to offend anybody. Sorry for the inconvenience. Enjoy.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

SpiderMan swings its web into a wrong place

You got that right ! Spiderman swings to a wrong place. Apparently he got to bored swinging alone he decided to find a team of superheroes. I'm guessing he swings here and there and bumped into the X-men team. Seriously ! He thought Cyclops , Storm and Jean ain't good enough for the toad guy ( X-men 1), so he decided to lend a hand. Hard to believe ? Here's the video.