Thursday, August 27, 2009


The show that was on the big screen few years back. If I'm not wrong in the year 2004 where Halle Berry star as catwoman. I know you guys are pretty hype up about the latest screening now such as G.I Joe, which is said to be like transformers, but you guys might want to check out about Catwoman.

The upcoming Catwoman is the next Batman sequel. Many of us will think " aiya..same wan la..whack here and there..kao tim.. hero movie like that wan la " But hey look at how the Dark Knight turned out to be.

Superb !! One of the best movie for me till now.
Anyway, you guys might be wondering why the randomness ? Why catwoman and not other upcoming movies ? As I stated above you guys might want to check it out because the new Catwoman is Megan Fox. Yup ! I heard it on radio today saying that the bombshell is taking up that role.

In case you guys have forgotten about who is she ( which is kinda impossible ) here's some pictures to er...refresh your memories.

I don't know when the movie will be coming out but my guess would be 2011 ? Another movie to look foward. Hopefully it'll be a big hit just like its previous one.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Poke-her face

It has been on the top chart and still is a hit song. I normally hear it like every single day ! Hearing people requesting for the song, hearing people talking about how great she looks like on the video. It's none other Poker Face by Lady Gaga.

To be honest with you guys, this was actually the first song I heard from her not Just Dance. The song became such a hit that everyone knows about the Poker Face joke which comes in many version. One of it is "How do you make Lady Gaga mad ?" "Poke-her face". It just show how popular the song is.

Lady Gaga in Poker Face

I'm quite sure you guys are getting sick of the song as you guys hear it over and over again but there are still some who just can't get enough of it. After browsing through youtube just now, here is what I came across. Poker Face by....Chris Daughtry !! The guy who stole our hearts singing "It's not over", "Home" and now "No surprise". Curious how this star belt it out ? Check the video out.

Chris Daughtry

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Badminton World Championship 2oo9

I'm not sure whether any of you guys know about this but the Badminton World Championship 2009 will take place tommorow !! Avid badminton fans will definitely be excited about this one since it is the major event of the year after Sudirman Cup.

This year's venue would be in Hyderabad, India. I'm pretty sure not everyone is as excited like me but what I do know is that most of you guys know that about the terrorist threat on this event. If you guys don't, check out today's sport section.

Anyway, let us all wish the players best of luck in their tournament. Here are some pictures of the event.


Tight security

Lee Chong Wei

Wong Mew Choo

Lin Dan

Xie Xingfang

Peter Gade



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Saturday, August 8, 2009


This event took place quite a moment ago but not so too long ago. Those who were waiting patiently for the pictures, sorry for the delay.

My friends and I went to the newly opened Pizza Hut in Taipan. Just for your information to those who don't know where is the new Pizza Hut located, it is in front of Station One and the ex-Burger King. Honestly, I haven't eaten Pizza Hut for quite some time already. Having them as my dinner reminds me how mouth-watering they are. Really delicious.

Went there at 8 pm. As usual I was one of the early birds waiting for the rest of the gang who practices punctuality so well. Once they arrive, we decided to sit outside in the open air instead of the comfortable air condition room. This is mainly due to insufficient space for us. Nevertheless, it was certainly a good choice as we totally like own the place. Talking as loud as we wish and take pictures and also moving about as we like.

After having our dinner and our chats, we head to Baskin Robbins and then head for home.

Heng tai



Wan Shin

heng tai 2

Thean Eu

friend 4

Eu Gene

friend 2


friend 3



Yiv + Xin Li

heng tai 3

Thean Eu + Adrian


The girls


The GaNg

Friday, August 7, 2009


Just a few months back I talked about various types of flash. Just today I was browsing through the forum as usual a new thread caught my attention. It was Nissin Di866 ! Previously I was talking about getting Nissin Di622, now there's Nissin Di866 !

The Di 866 specialized Speedlight features an outside auto-exposure feeler among eight f-stops from f/2 to f/22 with recompense prospective. Nissin Di866 Flashgun is intended for utilize with Canon EOS DSLRs and possess a lot of features mostly designed for experts and higher photographers. It has reprocessing time of 3.5s and be proficient to present up to 150 full-power blazes per set of power sources. The flash harmonizes to high board up speed of over 1/250s. In addition Nissin Di866 Flashgun features a fill in sub-flash, which is being active while the core flash is bounced. The flashgun has a self variable TTL light manufacture level feature and can be fired wirelessly from Canon EOS DSLR’s cameras. Its firmware can be modernized via an built-in USB port.

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I don't know when will this flash be out in M'sia as if I'm not mistaken is just recently launched. I guess I've gotta consider another flash now. If any of you guys got anything related to this flash, please let me know. Kinda interested. Thanks.