Friday, May 30, 2008


Holiday is going to be over soon. It's kinda fast. Two weeks. One week bye bye liao...Gila fast. Why ar ? Earth spinning faster is it ? Better slow it down...lolx.

Anyway, if any of you are wandering why I haven't post any pictures lately, it's because my camera ran away to Sabah for like about a week. So, I was camera-less.

If life could be as beautiful as the cloud in this picture, wouldn't it be great ?

Or as exquisite as this sunlight

I guess I'll just stop whining about how short the holiday is as doing so will make it feel as though is even shorter.

Living life to the fullest !

So, I guess we'll just have to live life to the fullest !!

If life can be that easy, wouldn't it be great !

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Has this ever happen to you ? It's really really funny experience. Read the dialog below to see what had I gone through on Monday.

J- me B- Bryan Han BH- Bryan's home

Around 11 am

J : Hello, may I speak to Bryan ?
BH : Bryan's not at home.
J : I'll try again latter
BH : ok, sure.

4 pm

J : May I speak to Bryan ?
BH : Bryan's not at home
J : I'll call his hand phone then.
BH : ok.

4.20 pm

J : hello, Bryan ?
BH : yea !
J : eh, today got tuition anot ?
BH : no. no....Today don't have next week got.
J : today don't have ar ?
BH : don't have next week got.
J : ok chao.
BH : chao

8.35 pm

B : Hello, Jian Yao !
J : Yea ?
B : EH !!! You know today got tuition leh !!!!!
J : WHAT ?!!!
B : eh...serious going anot ?
J : Just now you told me don't have ?
B : Teacher called me say why we nvr go.
J : funny clown lah you !!!
B : so, you going anot ?
J : cannot lah...I haven't take dinner oso.
B : oh...ok lah...
J : chepan lah you...

So, did this kind of stuff ever happen to you before ?

TAgGed by JiuNn

List out 5 things that you wished for a present:
1- Nikon D60 ( or any better DSLR)
2- Free holiday trip
3- Money
4- Olympic badminton ticket
5- er....badminton racket lah (Yonex Arc Saber 10)

The reason why did u choose that
1- cause I don't have one and I like to have one
2- going on a holiday can be quite expensive
3- get more money loh !! what else ?
4- I love badminton ?
5- It's a really good racket and it's new in the market

5 impression of the ppl u like
1- humble
2- hardworking
3- honest
4- dunno lah...
5- sexy ? XD

The most amazing thing that he/she hav done to you
who's the he/she ?

5 great invention that u like the most
1- ComputeR !!!!
2- TV
3- Racket !!!
4- Air-corn
5- cars !!!

What you hate the most
1- lan ci people
2- rude people
3- people who always think their right
4- exam !!!
5- tuition on holiday ? =P

1- anyone
2- who
3- wants
4- to do
5- it

Monday, May 26, 2008

It's Not thE End

I thought that there won't be it anymore for a few months. I thought it will be quite boring without it.

Yes, I can guess all of you guys reactions. 'Omg !!' 'Not again'. Yes, I know. That's going to be badminton competition next month. I thought there won't be any until Olympics but I was wrong.

HAHA !!! Guess you guys will be totured by me again...I don't know. Maybe I won't post about it and talk about other things which I doubt.

Well as the saying goes 'Until the possible becomes actual, it is only a distraction'. ( taken from Star Wars book)

So, just wait and see loh wether I will post anot. =P

Good luck !!

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

TiMe of My LiFE

Well, definitely David Cook is having the time of his life right after winning the American Idol. Only yesterday I realize the theme song of this year's American Idol theme song which is Time Of My Life.

That song is really marvellous. I don't know how it will sound if the other David sing it but I must say it will be nice also as he can really sing too.

I hope David Cook will be as successful as the other famous American Idol like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Unerwood and of course Jodin Sparks. Hopefully, he won't just die out in this music industry.

Well, here's the song and some pics for you guys.

Kelly Clarkson

Carrie Underwood


David Cook
The Time Of My Life [STUDIO] - David Cook

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

AMeRicaN Idol

I know that I'm one of the last person in the world to post this up. I guess you guys already knew who the winner is. In case for any of you who don't, it's David Cook.

To be honest, I didn't even watch a single episode of this season of American Idol. Yeah...I know some of you guys will be cursing me now. I don't know...I feel that it's not that entertaining as before. But I was clearly wrong when I saw the finale performance tonight on 8TV. I was like WHOA !!! It's really nice to see that you think this person is gonna nail it but the other puts up a good fight too.

I really like David Cook's first and second song. It's powerful ok ! Nevertheless, the other David which is David Archuleta sang pretty well too.

Anyway, congrats to David Cook.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Here In My Home

I'm not sure that you guys have heard this song but I've listen to this song so many times. There was once when I went out from the house and during the journey I head at least three times of this song. Personally I feel that this song ain't that bad. So, enjoy the song.

Here In My Home - Malaysian Artistes For Unity

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


To be honest, there wasn't anything special that happen today in school. Or no...there is..there weren't that much of lessons today as the school was busy with the re-sitting of exams. So, the topic that we talk most in class was cameras !!!

Totally unexpected. The person that didn't plan to buy a DSLR already got one. In case you don't know who I'm talking about, it's Melissa. If I'm not wrong, I and Zach was talking about getting one (talking only) during the exams, and Melissa didn't even say a word about cams before.

Well, the whole thing that spices up the conversation was one was Nikon supporter, one Sony and one Canon. Zach was totally obsessed with Sony. I think worshiping the yengness of the alpha sign. Anyway, here are some pics below.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

It's the end

It's over for M'sia in Uber and Thomas Cup. Before going for tuition, I was damn happy that Chong Wei swept pass Lin Dan in straight sets !!! 21-12 and 21-14 !!

When I was going home, I was able to glimpse the deciding match between Hafiz and Chen Jin. And when I saw the score, I was like, die loh...lose liaw.... It was 20-14 if I'm not mistaken.

Nevertheless, M'sia didn't lose 3-0 as many had expected and the best part is my favourite player won against Lin Dan !!! Good job Lee Chong Wei !

Good job !!!!

And of course good job to the M'sia players who gave their best although they couldn't win this time.

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Thomas Cup

M'sia is leading China now 1-0. Lee Chong Wei beat lin dan 21-12 and in the second set is 21-14. Good job !!! M'sia fans there keep on cheering for M'sia for the rest of the match.

M'sia jia you !!!!

Malaysia 1 - China 0
I want.....

of course besides wanting M'sia to beat China today in the semi-final of the Thomas Cup. I guess in this post I'll have to refrain myself from talking about Thomas Cup as I can hear Bryan's voice even now...

So, I want..... Nikon D60

front view

top view

back view

After exam today, my classmate and I were talking and all of the sudden we reached to the topic of cameras. Then, Nikon d60 were comming into my mind. I don't know why Nikon d60 and not nikon d80 or d40....don't ask me. My knowledge on photography is pretty poor. I guess it's great able to capture nice photos...

So, if you guys wanna get me a present....don't have to wait for my birthday...can buy for me now also can....XD

Thursday, May 15, 2008


There's so many finals going on. Nope badminton haven't reached it's final yet. Well, correct me if I'm wrong, that American Idol is also coming to a finale. In other sports which is football, MU will be taking on Chelsea for the Champions League title.

And the best of the best is ...................


I know some will say swt....big deal and so on... But hey, two weeks of exam ok ! And what's more I can't watch Thomas Cup or Uber Cup just because of exams !! aRGHHHH !!! Ok, I know you guys have been expecting this post to have badminton contain as it's the season now.

Don't blame me from posting badminton stuff as I tried to resist but I failed....Failure is part of maybe next time I won't.

In Uber Cup, China have already book their ticket to the final. And tommorow's the semi-final for Thomas Cup ! China taking on M'sia !!

I don't deny that China are strong. They have really good players. But hopefully, M'sia can pull through tommorow and reach to the final. Best of luck !!!!

Good luck !!

Big threat coming from Lin Dan

Monday, May 12, 2008

Thomas Cup and Uber Cup part 2

I don't know the results for M'sia as Uber Cup for M'sia is still going on and Thomas Cup has been played yet.

The results are as below.

Thomas Cup

Korea lost to England 4-1

Japan won New Zealand 5-0

China won Canada 5-0

Uber Cup

Hong Kong won South Africa 5-0

China won Germany 4-1

Reiko Shiota ( I think ) after Japan lost

pic taken from

PS : MU WON !!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

BadmintOn ( Thomas Cup and Uber Cup)

Today's day one for both Cups. I don't know the results of it yet. Suprising huh ? Normally, I'll be yelling the results right after the matches. But the site I always get the results from aren't working as it is suppose to be.
Anyway, I got the feeling that team M'sia in both Cups will not face any problem. M'sia in Thomas Cup went against England and in Uber Cup M'sia face New Zealand. I certainly hope there aren't any suprise in today's results. Anyway, I'll just post some badminton pics then since I can't deliver the results. Deeply sorry. = C

Lee Chong Wei (M'sia)

Lin Dan ( China)

Xie Xingfang ( China)

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PS : Happy Mother's Day. I'll post about it when I have the time. =P

Friday, May 9, 2008

It's Not Over

One week of exam done..another one more to go. Most say that next week is a relaxing week but i guess it's still going to be the same as this week...or maybe not. I don't know but I feel that two weeks of exam can kill somebody man !! haha !!

Anyway, Thomas Cup and Uber Cup is just around the corner. I'm sure you guys will be like 'oh no !!' , 'damn his going to post about badminton again !' but maybe I won't be too extreme about posting the Thomas and Uber Cup because the competition days are during exams !!!! NO !!! So good news for you guys but bad news for me...and badminton lovers !

Let's hope that M'sia does well in both the Cups !

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Thank You
Thank you Chien Su Ann. I had said before that I might not be able to make it for today's ber-lunch session with you guys...but hey I made it. So, I just wanna say thanks for it.

Frankly, it isn't normal to see someone that had already left school adn still thinks of the teachers and fellow juniors. I mean they all had already move on and most will not care about it anymore. I don't mean to hurt anyone feelings ok...^.- But belanja-ing your teachers and juniors it's something really abnormal. So, it's great to have someone like you !

TQ !!

PS : I know this pic isn't that nice but this is one of the only one I could find. =P

Thursday, May 1, 2008

RandoM shoTS
This photos are taken quite sometime already. Nevertheless, try guessing the shots that i took ! I bet you guys can get it right. It's not as hard as Add maths or chemistry and.....MORAL !!!

Anyway, come take away your mind from the mid year examination by guessing the pics below. I doubt it helps..but just do it lah !

What's that building in that building ?