Sunday, May 11, 2008

BadmintOn ( Thomas Cup and Uber Cup)

Today's day one for both Cups. I don't know the results of it yet. Suprising huh ? Normally, I'll be yelling the results right after the matches. But the site I always get the results from aren't working as it is suppose to be.
Anyway, I got the feeling that team M'sia in both Cups will not face any problem. M'sia in Thomas Cup went against England and in Uber Cup M'sia face New Zealand. I certainly hope there aren't any suprise in today's results. Anyway, I'll just post some badminton pics then since I can't deliver the results. Deeply sorry. = C

Lee Chong Wei (M'sia)

Lin Dan ( China)

Xie Xingfang ( China)

pics were taken from

PS : Happy Mother's Day. I'll post about it when I have the time. =P

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