Sunday, June 29, 2008

Magazine Workshop

Here's some of the picture of the trip. More to come.


Bryan the smoker in the making


Eu gene * harh ?*

guan sheng

Guan happily smiling
Finallllyyyy !!!!

Yes...I finally know how to upload a large size photo. Yes !!! Thanks to Low En Lin. Thank you very much. Now I can start posting the size that I want. Anyway, you guys can stop by his blog at to view his blog.

black and yellow



Friday, June 27, 2008

Big Day

I agree with what Zach said in his blog today. That I'm currently crazy about my new *fill in yourself*. HAHA !!

Here's some pics that I took just now.

Anyway, tommorow I'll be going to HELP university for some workshop. Hopefully, can take some good shots. Don't have high expectation ok !

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Taken a few shots again today. You may ask why I am taking photos a lot lately compared to before. It's because that I'm bored. Seriously. Besides, must learn more about photography mah...

A new look

I guess I would like to change my blogskin soon. I have been seeing this skin for quite's getting a little mundane now.

The reason why I can't put the picture big is because the picture would be too big and will come out of the column. I hope you know what I mean ( which I guess you guys aren't).

So, hopefully I'll get a skin soon.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This post is mainly about the first few pictures taken by *fill in yourselves* since many dared me to.

Besides, here's some pics of the what's the occasion.

Here's the what's the occasion pictures.

Here's the first few pics taken by *fill in yourselves*.

Still learning about the *fill in yourselves* don't expect so much of the photos..=P

Friday, June 20, 2008

What's the occasion (part 2)

I guess it's time to clear up the cobwebs !! I don't think there is any but according to my readers they say it's all over the place. So, goodbye cobwebs !

Anyway, I went to my hometown last Friday. Right after my class sang the happy birthday for me ( thank you !!), i rushed home to bath and get ready for the plane.

When I arrived, my uncle and cousins were waiting to pick us up there already. After we ate the super cold ais kacang, we bath and left for the venue. Before I forget, the occasion is a wedding ceremony. Yes, my smart readers got it right. *claps*

None were there yet as we reached there. Around 7.30pm, the place began to fill up. Well, I guess I don't have to go into detail about the wedding ceremony dinner. I mean it's almost the same as the last one I talked about. The only different was the atmosphere. There was even line dance this time.

Around 11 pm, the ceremony had ended. We left for home after yam seng-ing so many times ! XD

Here are some pics. More pics to come. Still editing some.

line dance

cousin singing

bridegroom can sing ok ! don't play play !

bride and bridegroom can pose somemore

bride and bridegroom.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Singapore OpEn

I guess you guys already know the results of it..but I can't help it to post about it. What made me so wanna post it ? It's because of the super suprising results.

Of course Lee Chong Wei won the tittle but the results of the match is so suprising. 21-13 in the first game and 21-5 in the second. 21-5 !!! omg man....sixteen points difference. So far I think this is the best result so far.... I didn't watch the game but the results is really...whoa !!

Simon Santoso


pics were taken

Friday, June 13, 2008


I'm going to be offline for three days including today. No internet access for three days !! argghhhh...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Canon 1000d

Canon has released a new Dslr camera a few days ago ( I guess correct me if I'm wrong). It's called and named Canon EOS 1000d. It' the lightest body of any digital EOS camera.

Here's some details and pics for you guys to view about it. Enjoy !!!

• 10.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor
• EOS Integrated Cleaning System
• 7-point wide-area AF system with f/5.6 cross-type centre point
• Up to 3 frames per second
• 2.5” LCD with Live View shooting
• DIGIC III image processor
• Compatible with SD and SDHC memory cards
• Compact and lightweight body
• Digital Photo Professional RAW processing software
• Fully compatible with all Canon EF and EF-S lenses and EX-series Speedlites

For more info, you guys can go and view this website

Pics were taken from

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I guess today is emo day man. I don't know where this word came from..but it seems to be super popular this day. Everytime when a person keeps quite, we come to a conclusion that the person is emo-ing. Only this days lah !!

Last time, when a person keeps quite, emo won't even cross our mind. Nowadays, you keep quite or not people still say you're emo-ing. When you're angry, people say you emo today.

I guess it's a trend for we people to emo around this days. Even today in class.

J : what happen ? boycott?
Kerly : no lah...emo
J : -.-... Shu ying...chill lah...why so quite wan ?
Shu ying : emo...
J : Why both of you emo ?!
Kerly : I emo because Shu Ying emo.
Shu Ying : I emo because Kerly emo.
J : -.-"""""'

Like that also can meh !! So geng ! ok lah...find...I emo now lah...only in this pic lah...I dunno whether this pics show about emo...don't blame me lah... I'm not a good emo-er.

emo ? Hulk emo-ing ok !

ok lah...fine. Since The Hulk also can emo, I emo now lah...only in this pic lah...I dunno whether this pics show about emo...don't blame me lah... I'm not a good emo-er.

image taken from

Sunday, June 8, 2008

What's the occasion ???

People singing, awesome chicken, delicious sup and superb mix food ! What's all this about ?

Stay tune to find out more as I upload the pictures !!

Friday, June 6, 2008

I kena CANNONED !!!

This camera cannoned me...I guess I went to the light side after all. hahaha...

I guess this camera features are better or maybe as good as nikon d60. It may not be the latest but still good. I guess the latest is 450d which Melissa has it.

After all this while I thought of getting Nikon d60, end up aiming for 400d. Funny clown lah !!

Well, I hope I am able to take this kind of shots.

I know...of all pics I took this....but that's to many to dig out the pics that are nice and beautiful. So, I saw this pic and then i grab it. hehe...

Anyway, I'm going to out on Saturday and Sunday. So, I don't think I'll be blogging on that days.

pics from

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pokok Semut !!

Went to school the day before yesterday again to finish up the posters. So, Bryan and I went under the tree to take some pics. Not camwhor ok !

The most dialogue that can be heard was

"shit !!"
" eh got ants lah I don't want lah !!"
But seriously the ants at that tree is super huge man...i don't know what they eat until become so gigantic.

So, I name that tree Pokok Semut !!! That pokok got how many ants there man !!!

Here's some pics of the Pokok Semut.

wah!!! nice tree ah !

nice tree ?! u siao !!! so much of ants ok !!!

haha !! where got ants wan !! chill lah..

omg....u funny clown lah...this tree is

called Pokok Semut alot of semut !!!

here i come humans !!!

wah, I'm damn full after eating two humans !!!

PS : this story is fiction. There ain't any Pokok Semut. The best part is the semut didn't eat us !! lolx

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A DaY in ReDakSi
Actually the tittle of this post sounds a little wrong as it's suppose to be a day but two days in Redaksi. Yup, it's school holiday but i still went to school. My School My Home mah !!!

A few of my friends went there too. And very few which is only 3 person excluding the teachers. Bryan, Eu Gene and me....that's all.

Well, I guess most of you guys haven't even woke up even when I left home for school. I left at 9am and came home at 2++ pm !!

Our boss was kind enough to buy us kai fan and then rush off to another place leaving we three doing the job in the room.
Well, I guess I don't have to explain about what we did in the room as I don't have any idea on how to explain them. We're just doing the mag work. I think that's the best I can give you guys. Sorry for the super poor and lame explanation.

Nevertheless, hopefully the pics will brighten you guys. =P

Eu Gene

Bryan : hey you !

J : what in the world !!!

3 funny clowns

Someone happily eating ! or maybe posing

kai fan

Time to go !! It's super sibeh dark now.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

31st MAY

Yesterday, there were many things that occur. Well, for me...I'm not sure about you guys.

Firstly, someone came to my house.

Second we went out for steamboat !! We went all the way to Puchong just to have a taste. I wouldn't say it was sibeh nice...but it's not bad too. So overall is OK. That's why never ask to me to judge a food whether it's delicious or other wise.

Then, what's the best was it 31 st of May !! 31 st !! What so special about that day ? Baskin Robin gives discount !!! Yeah, this year I had the patience to go and queue up just to get the ice-cream eventhough the line is super long !! I think 3/4 working there is from my school. But still no special service of course. =P Oh yeah !! I met Cerlyn there too.

And not forgetting that my bro went to the bookfair in KLCC Conventional Centre ( if I'm not wrong) and bought two books for me. Which I just started reading yesterday, when he bought it on Friday.

First book

Second book

All the way to Puchong

The aftermath

The one that made the most profit yesterday XD ( I guess)

Someone's waiting so long till he gets bored.

The guys that work there. There's still more besides them.

How was you 31st May ?