Friday, November 30, 2007

L.o.V.e PART 3 !!

28 November 2007

She gave me food again but this time the class didn't persuade her. She gave me herself !!! "I" said thank you to her. But "I" couldn't hear what she said...but "I" got a strong feeling it ain't nice.

As usual "I" took the same way to reach my home. "I" was astonished when I was her !! "I" was wondering why is she taking this way home. She normally don't take this way. So..."I" went to have a closer look. Not so close lah...but close...but not so close get the point. And guess what !!!! -.- It wasn't her. WTH !!!!

29 November 2007

Everyone has left the room...except "I" and her. She gave "I" a piece of chocolate. "I" was so damn happy !!!! But then....she said to me....she have to go back...somewhere she belong lah. Then..."I" was like oh....

THE END !!! for post 3 will come to an end soon....very very soon.

PS : I will not post anymore post on this next week as I'll not be can just read it if you guys want to. TQ.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Abridged Version

Check out this video man !!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Resident Evil : Extinction

I finally watched this show. I know is like a month ago movie but since i can't go to the cinema and watch it..i bought the cd instead. This show really is nice. I must admit that the story line is kinda bad but it's really cool to watch them go against the zombie and all. For me I'll say that this show is pretty good. Now, I must go and watch the rest of the Resident Evil. Nope...i haven't watch the two resident evil yet. Here's some pics on Resident Evil.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

L.o.V.e PART 2 continues !!! So....

22 November 2007

Today, my class and "I" played a game in class. To be honest, that game ain't that fun. The game is something LIKE bingo. It's kinda lame. But anyway, after playing and playing...guess wat..."I" and that girl lost that game !!!! WTH !!! Is this really happening ? And then as usual...the whole class started to ejek us...haiz...

Then...our class resume back to normal and we started learning language. I can't remember what language is that. Sorry. And I was laughing at her. Her ascent were superbly funny !!! And then...we sort of had an arguement. I was just laughing at her and ask her to speak properly...and we had an arguement. Haiz...girls are really sensitive "I" guess.

26 November 2007

She was really kind enough to buy some food and share it with the class...except with me. Till everyone notice about it, then the class persuade her to share it with me. And of course she gave in. And guess what happen again...we got ejek-ed as usual. It's becoming more like a routine. And then our teacher heard us laughing and ejek-ing in the class. So, the class told the teacher about why we were doing so. This is really unpredictable....the teacher too started to ejek me and her. WTH !!!

That's all for L.o.V.e part 2...more coming soon guys...Stay tune as we are moving a step closer to know who is this mysterious "I".

Sunday, November 25, 2007

China Open 2007 Finals !!

First of all, let's start with the good news...yes there is bad news...unfortunately. Firstly, a very big congrats to Mew Choo !!!! She made a hat-trick by winning Xie Xingfang !!!! For your info, Xie Xingfang is world number 1 and Mew Choo is no.8 and yes you did not see wrong...she beat Xie Xingfang !!! It was really a great battle in my point of view. Mew Choo won the first set 21-16 and lost in the second 8-21 and bounce back to win and clinch the tittle 21-17 !! A very big congrats to her...It was definitly a great game to be honest with you.

Now...for the terrible, bad.....and watever that is negative news. Chong Wei lost to Bao Chun Lai. yup....haiz...And in my point of view Bao didn't win through a great fight though Chong Wei tried to put up one. Chong Wei put up a bad show after he was mentally disturbed !! Nope his not crazy...but disturb. First of all, 4 points was denied from Chong Wei...when it was suppose to be his. 3 that was out...( I'm not sure how many but I think is three. Sorry =C ) And then one more is where Chong Wei tab in front of the net...and was denied by that....umpire !!! WTH man !!

He did not cross over the net and it was denied. If I'm not wrong, the TV replayed that shot...and it was clearly shown that he didn't cross over that net !!! If I'm not mistaken, that umpire is from China...yea.. a badminton match between a Malaysia and China...and they put an umpire that is from China. I'm not gonna say anything guys...think lah. It was terrible till one of the lines man quit from the match and ask to be replaced. So...I guess it was really a great show. I don't mind seeing Chong Wei losing but...lose fairly lah. Today definitly wasn't his day. But he did improve this year..last year he went down to Lin Dan in the semi-finals in this tournament. But...Lin Dan knocked out in the opening round XP

Nevertheless, a lost is still a lost...and I'm proud that Chong Wei didn't pull out of that match and still continued to play eventhough he was greatly disturbed. Enough complaining...back to the happy news !!! MEW CHOO WON !!! She won her first Super Series tittle. She had a really tough journey before she clinch this tittle. And finally she made it through. Great job !!!

Congrats !!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

China Open 2007

ok...this is another great post ( in my point of view ) because.....CHONG WEI REACHED TO THE FINAL !!!! wooot !!!! He has beaten his old record today. His best record in China badminton tournaments is reaching to the semi final. And NOW...he beated Chen Jin to reach to the final !!! Although I admit..Chen Jin getting better and better. Nonetheless, Chong Wei won the game 20-22 21-15 21-17. Chong Wei will now take on Bao Chun Lai in the finals tommorow. To add icing upon the cake, Wong Mew Choo stuns another China player. This is the best year for Mew Choo so far. She beat Zhang Ning in straight sets !!! 21-16 21-19 is the score. Yesterday, she won Zhu Lin, the champion of the World Badminton Championship 2007.

Pretty good huh !!! So...two Malaysian in the finals tommorow. Let's keep our fingers cross and hope both of them becomes champion. Is Malaysia VS China tommorow. It'll definitly be difficult as the China players has the home ground advantage. Good Luck !!!

PS : The story on "I" will be continued when "I" provides me the tales. So...stay tune !!

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I tell you ah !!! You don't underestimate this four letter word ah !!! Not that four letter word...this four letter word...not the that one. Anyone of us can experience this four letter word..anytime regardless what!! not that famous four letter word meaning ah.. Dun think dirty dirty... HAHA !! skip the crap.

This is a true scenario.

19th November 2007

" I was ejeked !! because I'm the youngest in the class and shares the same age with an exquisite girl. DAMN !!! "

Some say love is already set for us. We can't change it. But...some isn't set for us...we choose who we wanna be.

20th November 2007

I was again...ejeked !!! Y ?! Coz it so happened that I had the same hobby with that girl. What the crap !!! Is love fated ?

You guys wanna know who I is ? Stay tune to find out. And when I said...this is a true really is a true scenario...I'm not lying. So...stay tune to find out.

stay tune to find out

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

To those who are taking SPM

Friday, November 9, 2007

SPM's on Da WAy !!!

"Damn takut lah wei !!!"

"Chill man...what for scared."

Many might say those two sentence but most had said the first. They might said it in their own version. Well, it's their biggest exam after five years in secondary life. As usual my school will have the what we call sesi bermaaf-maafan. This is where the students will shake the teacher and ask for forgiveness and all. Some has gone too emotional till they were put into tears not only the teachers but the students as well. Nonetheless, some were still smilling happily as usual.

After the ceremony, the student were allowed to leave the school. I'm sure all of them are busy with their final preparation for their what we call as war. Goooooood Luck !!!!!

Anyway. I took some pics. Here's some of them.

Good luck girl. Do your best !

All the best !

One student in tears.

Some were cheerful

Good luck !!!

Takut leh....

I end this post with a big thumb up to you guys. Good luck in your war !!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Lee Chong Wei 4 Life !!!!!

Lee Chong Wei has won the French Open title !!!! He won Bao Chun Lai in straight sets and not forgetting with a knee injury. He won 21-11 and then 21-14 in just 35 minutes.

I'm definitly suprise when I heard Bao won Lin Dan in semi-finals...but who cares...Chong Wei wins !!! This means that he has won another Super Series title !!!

Chong Wei champs Japan Open 2007

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Last DaY !!

Today's the last day of school for the Form 3s !!! Woooot !!! I suspect many of the Form 3s brought their camera today. Most want to capture the memories. Some will be changing school next year and will leave us. I know one person who will leave the school. The name is Guan. Jonathan Guan.

I hope that people who brought their camera today can supply me some of the pics cause I don't have all the pics.

I took pics with some of the form 3s of course and not forgetting Ed members. Not all are there when I went there but nevertheless we still took some pics. Becoming one of the Ed member is a really great thing. The best thing was getting to know more friends that I didn't even knew. But I was expecting some of the Form 5s not to come. Most probably due to SPM.

I wish u guys all the best.

I'm so so so suprise that most of my batch has already started studying form 4 subjects !!! Nuts ah !! Due to peer pressure, I guess I'm going to start studying too.Since most are studying add maths, I think I better start on that too but...I'm not sure wether I'm able to do it. Reason is lazy. lolx.

Form 3s

What's this ? Charlie's angle ah ?

Pn Evelyn's evil side

The ladies

Sorry if it's too dark.

Us with Kunil.

Ed members that was in the room.

Last but not least........

My sidekick !!! Kevin Phang !!!

If any of my friends provide me more pics, I'll of course post more.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Prefect Night

This year's prefect night is really special. Firstly, I'm suppose to be on duty on that day and that's something new for me. I've never been on duty on prefect night ever. Second thing is the theme for this year's Prefect Night is something like the Grammys. So, it's like a bit more grand than usual. As I'm suppose to be on duty, Kevin, Wei Hsien and I had to go early. We went there around 3 pm.

The ballroom was the best so far (in my point of view) since it's not too cram and not too spacious. The set up of tables and all is also great. Started setting up and all. Around 5 something we were all ready for the show !! Wei Hsien and Zufar started playing Soldat to kill off some time while waiting for the arrival of the prefects.


"Eh,this want for what ah?"

I purposely blured this pic.XD

I going to the pool edi..can't stand the heat !!!

I made Kevin looked darker for fun.

Form 1s

Around 7.00 pm, the room is filled with prefects and teachers. In no time, the event kicked off. Sadly, I wasn't able to enjoy the food like the years before as I was suppose to be on duty. Nonetheless, it was a good sit as I am able to see the whole event without any disturbance and I was surround by VIPs.

Prefects were enjoying the mouth-watering food that was served. I prefered the last two years food which was also in Holiday Villa. That year was organised by my brother's batch. That year has the best food !!! But nevertheless, this year's food is not bad either.

The event continued by a multimedia presentation by the Form 4s to the Form 5s which was done by Kevin Phang. Correct me if i'm wrong. Then, it was time for the Prefect Awards not Grammy Awards. lolx. Sorry that I can't really remember who won and all.

After the awards there was a short sketch done by the Form 3s. The most eye catching of in the whole show was the freestyle done by Ooi Shih Jin. It was really awesome. I didn't took any pictures of the sketch since I was in charge of the PA stystem that time.

Then the event continued with the awards and then it was time to say goodbye. But there was a suprise event that wasn't planned which was a short presentation from the ex-senior. The presentation consist of Leon, Kabilan and last but not least Sarven Shan. I forget what was the title of the song there sang...but it was really a laugh.

We packed up and went home with much satisfaction.

More to come ( hopefully) XD