Sunday, November 25, 2007

China Open 2007 Finals !!

First of all, let's start with the good news...yes there is bad news...unfortunately. Firstly, a very big congrats to Mew Choo !!!! She made a hat-trick by winning Xie Xingfang !!!! For your info, Xie Xingfang is world number 1 and Mew Choo is no.8 and yes you did not see wrong...she beat Xie Xingfang !!! It was really a great battle in my point of view. Mew Choo won the first set 21-16 and lost in the second 8-21 and bounce back to win and clinch the tittle 21-17 !! A very big congrats to her...It was definitly a great game to be honest with you.

Now...for the terrible, bad.....and watever that is negative news. Chong Wei lost to Bao Chun Lai. yup....haiz...And in my point of view Bao didn't win through a great fight though Chong Wei tried to put up one. Chong Wei put up a bad show after he was mentally disturbed !! Nope his not crazy...but disturb. First of all, 4 points was denied from Chong Wei...when it was suppose to be his. 3 that was out...( I'm not sure how many but I think is three. Sorry =C ) And then one more is where Chong Wei tab in front of the net...and was denied by that....umpire !!! WTH man !!

He did not cross over the net and it was denied. If I'm not wrong, the TV replayed that shot...and it was clearly shown that he didn't cross over that net !!! If I'm not mistaken, that umpire is from China...yea.. a badminton match between a Malaysia and China...and they put an umpire that is from China. I'm not gonna say anything guys...think lah. It was terrible till one of the lines man quit from the match and ask to be replaced. So...I guess it was really a great show. I don't mind seeing Chong Wei losing but...lose fairly lah. Today definitly wasn't his day. But he did improve this year..last year he went down to Lin Dan in the semi-finals in this tournament. But...Lin Dan knocked out in the opening round XP

Nevertheless, a lost is still a lost...and I'm proud that Chong Wei didn't pull out of that match and still continued to play eventhough he was greatly disturbed. Enough complaining...back to the happy news !!! MEW CHOO WON !!! She won her first Super Series tittle. She had a really tough journey before she clinch this tittle. And finally she made it through. Great job !!!

Congrats !!!

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