Monday, November 26, 2007

L.o.V.e PART 2 continues !!! So....

22 November 2007

Today, my class and "I" played a game in class. To be honest, that game ain't that fun. The game is something LIKE bingo. It's kinda lame. But anyway, after playing and playing...guess wat..."I" and that girl lost that game !!!! WTH !!! Is this really happening ? And then as usual...the whole class started to ejek us...haiz...

Then...our class resume back to normal and we started learning language. I can't remember what language is that. Sorry. And I was laughing at her. Her ascent were superbly funny !!! And then...we sort of had an arguement. I was just laughing at her and ask her to speak properly...and we had an arguement. Haiz...girls are really sensitive "I" guess.

26 November 2007

She was really kind enough to buy some food and share it with the class...except with me. Till everyone notice about it, then the class persuade her to share it with me. And of course she gave in. And guess what happen again...we got ejek-ed as usual. It's becoming more like a routine. And then our teacher heard us laughing and ejek-ing in the class. So, the class told the teacher about why we were doing so. This is really unpredictable....the teacher too started to ejek me and her. WTH !!!

That's all for L.o.V.e part 2...more coming soon guys...Stay tune as we are moving a step closer to know who is this mysterious "I".

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