Saturday, July 25, 2009

The peN

Some has state reasons that they would like to get hold of a DSLR because it's so cool. The only thing they feel is cool about DSLR is the interchangeable lens. From small lens to a huge and long telephoto lens.

Wanna be cool using a DSLR...but not enough cash. Here's a solution. Get a compact camera. Not just a normal compact camera, it's a PEN. The Olympus E-P1 Pen was just release into the market.

Here are some of the spec :

1- 12.5 megapixel
2- 11 focus point ( manual or auto select)
3- ISOAuto 200 – 3200M mode 100-6400(1/3 EV increment)

Anyway here's a video about it if anyone has consider of getting it.

Details taken from

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Add Maths the moVie

I know there are lots of students out there that despise add maths. Most of them claim it to be the toughest subject. Usually all students will be happy after Add maths paper 1 is over....but turns sulky when add maths 2 is over.

Well, here's a way how to help you guys change your perspective on add maths. It did for this racer. I hope you guys can benefit from it too.

PS : It's just for releasing stress sake. Enjoy !

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Coz we care

"You look sick. Are you feeling well ?"
" Yeah....just having a flu"
"What ?"
" H1N1 ! "

Because we care 2

In the year 2009, early of June, the WHO had taken a step to declare the outbreak to be a pandemic. Nobody has a prognosis that this outbreak would be a pandemic outbreak. At the initial stage, nobody seems to bother about it. Nevertheless, as the death toll rises at an alarming rate, everyone in the world seems to have an epiphany on the matter. Hand in hand they worked together to combat this deadly virus.

The media had played a huge role in this battle. Advertisements can be seen and heard almost everywhere. The method is very effective as we walk into the school or even work place, students and workers are taking necessary precaution to avoid the sickness such as wearing mask.

The Influenza A H1n1 had been the hot topic within the society even students. We students pay so much attention to it and we decided to brand it a new name. Why so hard want to pronounce H1N1 when you can just call it as HINI ? This virus has immobilize our freedom. Going out to cinema just for entertainment sake seems to be a bad choice in the current state. Going to a market is also a bad choice. Going to school also requires us to take lots of precaution. Handshake is also being avoided as a method of greeting. Whoa...seems like it really does affect our freedom. HAHA...

Anyway, as everyone is working hard to find the Achilles heel of our enemy, my school has played its role in the battlefield. Like usual, advertisement and information counter on the virus is set up. Nevertheless, we have the Twelveans FM to keep the students up to date on the matter. What ?! You guys got a fm ?! cool is that huh ? haha...The only setback is that this Fm doesn't provide songs. They should create something like rap music on h1n1. I can imagine Eugene's face getting ready for this already.

Besides the Fm, there's badges designed to be sold to the students too. The respond towards the sale was not bad. I decided to get one too. There are two different types of design, one white and the another is black in colour. Although both are different colour and design, it still sends out the common message. How do you guys play your role regarding this matter ?

After all the efforts that we had put just to bring down this virus, let us all just hope that this mean virus would be vanished after providing such a great detrimental effect on us.

Because we care (B&W)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Can you belive it ?!

I know my tittle sounds a little insulting to the person whom I'm dedicating this post to. Came to know this guy since he was in form 1. Never had the chance to know him yet that time. I just knew this guy exist. whoa...sounds a little insulting too. haha.

It all change when he came Form 4. Started to know him and I daresay quite well. His secret ambition which I don't think is a secret anymore...rapper. Yeah...u got that right. A freaking rapper. He even got his own name for rapper ?! Ganpowder ! Honestly it sounds a bit noob. Nevertheless, it's your name, your call. Besides his rapping talent, he has quite a prodigious of other talents. Example musically talented. I know that his grade in piano isn't that very great but it's good enough honestly. With that kind of grade ( not stating here scared he feel insulted), he manage to write a song which is his own based on the song "Taking back my love". The song which was a collaboration by Enrique Iglesias featuring Ciara.

The guy....the rapper ( just to make him happy) is none other Eugene Gan !

Surprise surprise ! I know some of you are like "Who the heck is this dude ?" But I guess the group of people who are saying that didn't know he exist. His quite popular too ok ! Popularity going stronger some more.

Hearing and seeing people playing the piano sometimes make me want to learn it too. Some of the pianist that I know however said that piano isn't really fun to learn, most of them would prefer the guitar. I don't know I still feel that piano is kinda cool.

If any of you want to hear it, I think you can get it from Ganpowder !

Takin Back My Love - Eugenes Piano Cover.mp3 - Eugene G

Friday, July 3, 2009

Never gone....yet

Regarding the topic above, I can only say that I'm expecting this blog to be less updated. Reason why the in activeness ? Been quite busy for the past weeks. Starting from camps moving onto works, projects and much more activities. Sorry for the hiatus.

Firstly, I'm sure that most of the form 5s had already checked their participation in the National Service. I can see that some are keen and looking forward to it but sadly most are accepting the results in a poignant aspect. Just for you information, I'm selected too for the National Service. I can already imagine myself in "botak" mode next year. Actually, I'm planning to go for a crew cut for a sneak preview of my future self next month. What do you guys thing ?

Anyway, I was facing serious problem with my computer. This is also one of the problem that I encountered that affected my status in the cyber world. Here are some of the pictures that I managed to dig out. Will be posting more of my pictures that I've taken lately...if I have the time. Fingers cross.



Huge tree

USJ 12