Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Trademark is a sign or indication used by a person or companies. It's common nowadays everyone has their on trademark. People and objects are remember easily because of the trademark. A trademark can come in many version like image, name or phrase. Here's my trademark shot. I've done that many times already and I guess most of you guys also seen this over and over again.


But have you heard of trademark pose ? I guess camwhor is under trademark list already. Not only girls camwhor nowadays, even guys does that. Anyway this a trademark pose by a friend of my or should I say a very fussy customer. Just kidding.

trademark 1

trademark 2

Those two belows aren't his trademark, it's just taken for fun. Or perhaps taken to provide him satisfaction. HAHAA !!

the past


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Friday, June 5, 2009

War of the CameraS

I know you guys will be thinking.."What the hell ? What does Megatron or Optimus Prime gotta do with cameras ?!" Nope, is not something related to the upcoming Transformers 2. I would like to remind you guys that there were two sides in Transformers which is the Autobots and the Decepticons if any of you guys had forgotten.
Ok, I can guess that you guys still don't get it how does that relate to the topic of this post. Here's the scenario. I was reading a book while listening to the Flyfm today. Then, there was this advertisement stating about cameras. I can't remember the exact words of course but is something to do with small cameras VS big cameras.
Till today, this debate is still going. I can only guess the meaning of big cameras stated by the radio is DSLR and the small camera is the Point and Shoot. So that's how the topic of this post came along. Point and shoot VS DSLR. Which one would be better ?
Well, DSLR has special features like adjusting the aperture and the shutter speed and plenty more. On the other hand, people would argue that the P&S ( point and shoot) is smaller in size and is easier to be brought around. This is basically how people would argue when this topic arises.
The purpose of a person purchasing a camera is to take a photo. Nevertheless, we transformer the purpose into not just taking photo anymore. We evolve them into taking a good/perfect/wonderful pictures. That explains the improvement made by the cameras. Increase in the mega pixels, better shutter speed, better lens, better flashguns and so on.
I'm actually in the middle of the war. I'm a neutral. HAHA !! I was a P&S user just like many of you are. And I switched into DSLR when I really like photography. I won't and will never say that I regret getting a DSLR. This is mainly because of the pictures I take provides me with much satisfactory. Even though the size of it could be a huge issue especially travelling, I still find that it isn't much of a trouble. Nonetheless, I really can't deny this that P&S is really really good when it comes to travelling. You can slide it into your pocket and just walk around without much burden and still take pictures.
What's the best solution to this war if you're stuck in the middle like me ? Get both ! HAHA !! Saves us from much problems. I can only suggest that we should follow our instinct when we're about to buy a camera. Once purchasing it, make good use of it and you won't feel any regret. Anyway, that's just my opinion.
If any of you are not stuck in the middle like me, which side would you be on ? DSLR or P&S. I'm very interested in knowing the results too. Therefore, I would put a poll on the side of my blog to see the results. Please do vote as I really want to see what's the results.




PS : All pictures are taken from google image.