Thursday, November 1, 2007

Prefect Night

This year's prefect night is really special. Firstly, I'm suppose to be on duty on that day and that's something new for me. I've never been on duty on prefect night ever. Second thing is the theme for this year's Prefect Night is something like the Grammys. So, it's like a bit more grand than usual. As I'm suppose to be on duty, Kevin, Wei Hsien and I had to go early. We went there around 3 pm.

The ballroom was the best so far (in my point of view) since it's not too cram and not too spacious. The set up of tables and all is also great. Started setting up and all. Around 5 something we were all ready for the show !! Wei Hsien and Zufar started playing Soldat to kill off some time while waiting for the arrival of the prefects.


"Eh,this want for what ah?"

I purposely blured this pic.XD

I going to the pool edi..can't stand the heat !!!

I made Kevin looked darker for fun.

Form 1s

Around 7.00 pm, the room is filled with prefects and teachers. In no time, the event kicked off. Sadly, I wasn't able to enjoy the food like the years before as I was suppose to be on duty. Nonetheless, it was a good sit as I am able to see the whole event without any disturbance and I was surround by VIPs.

Prefects were enjoying the mouth-watering food that was served. I prefered the last two years food which was also in Holiday Villa. That year was organised by my brother's batch. That year has the best food !!! But nevertheless, this year's food is not bad either.

The event continued by a multimedia presentation by the Form 4s to the Form 5s which was done by Kevin Phang. Correct me if i'm wrong. Then, it was time for the Prefect Awards not Grammy Awards. lolx. Sorry that I can't really remember who won and all.

After the awards there was a short sketch done by the Form 3s. The most eye catching of in the whole show was the freestyle done by Ooi Shih Jin. It was really awesome. I didn't took any pictures of the sketch since I was in charge of the PA stystem that time.

Then the event continued with the awards and then it was time to say goodbye. But there was a suprise event that wasn't planned which was a short presentation from the ex-senior. The presentation consist of Leon, Kabilan and last but not least Sarven Shan. I forget what was the title of the song there sang...but it was really a laugh.

We packed up and went home with much satisfaction.

More to come ( hopefully) XD

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