Friday, November 30, 2007

L.o.V.e PART 3 !!

28 November 2007

She gave me food again but this time the class didn't persuade her. She gave me herself !!! "I" said thank you to her. But "I" couldn't hear what she said...but "I" got a strong feeling it ain't nice.

As usual "I" took the same way to reach my home. "I" was astonished when I was her !! "I" was wondering why is she taking this way home. She normally don't take this way. So..."I" went to have a closer look. Not so close lah...but close...but not so close get the point. And guess what !!!! -.- It wasn't her. WTH !!!!

29 November 2007

Everyone has left the room...except "I" and her. She gave "I" a piece of chocolate. "I" was so damn happy !!!! But then....she said to me....she have to go back...somewhere she belong lah. Then..."I" was like oh....

THE END !!! for post 3 will come to an end soon....very very soon.

PS : I will not post anymore post on this next week as I'll not be can just read it if you guys want to. TQ.

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