Saturday, November 24, 2007


I tell you ah !!! You don't underestimate this four letter word ah !!! Not that four letter word...this four letter word...not the that one. Anyone of us can experience this four letter word..anytime regardless what!! not that famous four letter word meaning ah.. Dun think dirty dirty... HAHA !! skip the crap.

This is a true scenario.

19th November 2007

" I was ejeked !! because I'm the youngest in the class and shares the same age with an exquisite girl. DAMN !!! "

Some say love is already set for us. We can't change it. But...some isn't set for us...we choose who we wanna be.

20th November 2007

I was again...ejeked !!! Y ?! Coz it so happened that I had the same hobby with that girl. What the crap !!! Is love fated ?

You guys wanna know who I is ? Stay tune to find out. And when I said...this is a true really is a true scenario...I'm not lying. So...stay tune to find out.

stay tune to find out

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