Friday, November 9, 2007

SPM's on Da WAy !!!

"Damn takut lah wei !!!"

"Chill man...what for scared."

Many might say those two sentence but most had said the first. They might said it in their own version. Well, it's their biggest exam after five years in secondary life. As usual my school will have the what we call sesi bermaaf-maafan. This is where the students will shake the teacher and ask for forgiveness and all. Some has gone too emotional till they were put into tears not only the teachers but the students as well. Nonetheless, some were still smilling happily as usual.

After the ceremony, the student were allowed to leave the school. I'm sure all of them are busy with their final preparation for their what we call as war. Goooooood Luck !!!!!

Anyway. I took some pics. Here's some of them.

Good luck girl. Do your best !

All the best !

One student in tears.

Some were cheerful

Good luck !!!

Takut leh....

I end this post with a big thumb up to you guys. Good luck in your war !!

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