Friday, November 2, 2007

Last DaY !!

Today's the last day of school for the Form 3s !!! Woooot !!! I suspect many of the Form 3s brought their camera today. Most want to capture the memories. Some will be changing school next year and will leave us. I know one person who will leave the school. The name is Guan. Jonathan Guan.

I hope that people who brought their camera today can supply me some of the pics cause I don't have all the pics.

I took pics with some of the form 3s of course and not forgetting Ed members. Not all are there when I went there but nevertheless we still took some pics. Becoming one of the Ed member is a really great thing. The best thing was getting to know more friends that I didn't even knew. But I was expecting some of the Form 5s not to come. Most probably due to SPM.

I wish u guys all the best.

I'm so so so suprise that most of my batch has already started studying form 4 subjects !!! Nuts ah !! Due to peer pressure, I guess I'm going to start studying too.Since most are studying add maths, I think I better start on that too but...I'm not sure wether I'm able to do it. Reason is lazy. lolx.

Form 3s

What's this ? Charlie's angle ah ?

Pn Evelyn's evil side

The ladies

Sorry if it's too dark.

Us with Kunil.

Ed members that was in the room.

Last but not least........

My sidekick !!! Kevin Phang !!!

If any of my friends provide me more pics, I'll of course post more.

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