Friday, March 21, 2008


There was a.....weird thing happened today.

First thing, it was chemistry tuition. It's definitely not an ordinary tuition day. Well, as usual our teacher was discussing our homework. And then, she said, 'Normally those who does my work will normally get A1 in SPM and those who don't...worse is also B.' And so happen that the guy beside me, didn't finish his homework. Whoa !!! I tell you guys, the sentence that my teacher said....pierce his heart man !! That poor fellow started saying he got no future cause he would fail chemistry...and the worse part is he said he can't go to any college and can't go into Form 6 too. Want to know who's that ? It's Bryan !!!

Guess what I said about expecting the unexpected this year is becoming more true...hahaha !! XD

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