Friday, March 7, 2008

Big DAy

Tommorow's going to be a really huge day. I mean really huge. Why is it huge you ask ?Well is going to be the moment for all M'sia have been waiting's been all over newspaper for weeks ! Election man !!!

But as everyone knows, I'm are superbly HUGE fan of .......



Again ? Ya, I know again. Sorry, I just can't help it. Come on guys, it's Lee Chong Wei taking on TAufik Hidayat. It's are really BESAR match ok ! If I'm not mistaken, the game kicks off 4 am tomorow early in the morning. But sadly, there isn't any live telecast. Nevertheless, I'm sure that there is livescore or live for those matches on internet...So,

JIA YOU Chong Wei !!!!

And of course to other M'sian players who are Wong Mew Choo and the doubles pair Chong TAn Fok and Lee Wan Wah.

Chong Wei's threat.

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