Friday, March 14, 2008

SPM Result DAY !!

It was suppose to be good luck post...but my Internet connection went wrong at the wrong time. So, I guess I will have to scrap that post of as it's too late..

I went to school yesterday around 9.00 am. My friends are already there Eu Gene, Thomas and Bryan. After lending my hand to bring down the magazines, we chatted for a while as none of the ex-Twelveans has arrived since it's quite early. After hearing some songs and talking, soon many of them started to show up.

Nevertheless, the results hasn't arrived yet. So, it was their turn to chat about their friends. It' been a while I haven't seen most of my seniors. I have to admit that some were quite shocking with their new hair style especially. But no matter how colourful or long your hair is, you guys will never be threatened to be brought to the BBI. ^.^

Soon, the moment that they've been waiting for has arrived. After several nights without nice and soundless sleep, the results were out ! Well, I guess I don't have to elaborate how they take their results and all.

Around 1.30 pm, Su ann and us went to our berlunch session at Secret Recipe in Taipan. After filling our empty stomach, we went to APT and watched Bryan get his hair cut !

Around 4pm, I arrived at home safely. ^.^

Bryan and Eu gene

Chatting with friends

Serving with a smile

Advertising Nikon D70s

Pn Evelyn

Wooot !!!

Come on...pls...

Wah !!

I haven't take my magazine yet...

OMG !!!!!

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