Saturday, March 15, 2008

More to come ?

Well, with Backstreet boys and Jay Chou gone... Not forgetting Switchfoot too. Anymore concerts coming up this year ?

Celine Dion. She's heading to M'sia very soon. She'll be performing on the 8th of April at Stadium Merdeka.

Well, since Jay Chou left M'sia recently, other Chinese pop-star is heading towards us. It's Nicholas Teo !! I bet most of the girls will be buying the tickets...or maybe most have already bought !

How cool if bands like Maroon 5 is also stopping and performing in M'sia ? But nevertheless, their heading to our neighbour, Singapore to perform.

Well, I think that more artist will be heading their ways towards M'sia soon. ^.^

Celine Dion

Nicholas Teo

Maroon 5

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