Monday, March 10, 2008

Dangerous 2008

It's 2008. Most people says that this year will be the year of prosperity. But in my point of view, 2008 is an unexpected year maybe dangerous too.

According to Feng Shui master AJY ( yeah right...not qualified punya...), this year, all of us have to be ready for unexpected it's only the third month of 2008 and many surprising event has began.

Analysis done by Master AJY ( =P)

1- Election results clearly is unexpected

2- Badminton results also unexpected. Lin Dan LOST to Chen Jin in the final of All England 2008.

3- MU lost to Portsmouth ( don't mind about the spelling )

So, guys....and always alert this year, the year of the rat is full of unexpected stuffs....

Got pawned last night...

He pawned Lin Dan...suprise suprise...

I edited this image. Took the image from google image. Link is below.

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