Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Money makes a man ? hell yeah !

As we people leap into the era of globalization, it's getting harder for us to deny the fact that money really does make a man. The symbol or the sound *cek qing* is always on our mind. Well, of course there are many factors that also provides happiness to us but still money has and always will be one of the main factor that contribute to the happiness of man.

Money can get us most of the thing we want. I'll put it very simple, if we have lots and lots of money, we won't even have to worry about purchasing anything at anytime. The importance of money has made man drag on doing drudgery work just to earn some cash to support their living.

Okay back to the main point. You guys must be wondering " What the heck has happen to this guy ?!" From photography all along and then out of the It's surely a capricious action although I don't do it very often. Nah...I'm not ready to change my photoblog into....a blog.

All of the sudden I'm talking about this is because I really want to purchase some gadgets for my camera !! Just so you know, photography is a really expensive hobby. So, for those of you out there that haven't got poison into photography ...think twice although it's really my humble opinion.

My wish list now has changed ! hahaha. Currently I want :

An external flash.

A lens

A battery grip ( not that obsessed about it YET)

So, you guys do the math and tell me does money make a man ? XD

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