Thursday, April 29, 2010


I don't like leaving my April blog post as 0. Zero isn't a very good number for me. Anyway, I just realized that it was ZERO !! Put the blame on the back-to-back assignment, mid-term and also quizzes. So, I guess I was pretty caught up with those and that explains my lack of update.

Anyway, recently, I decided to take a few shots after quite a while. I didn't have to head far as I spotted something in my garden. I don't really know what plant is it called all I know that the stuff that I was shooting is called a 'bird'. It's quite rare....I guess as I've never seen it anywhere else before.

So, skip the crap here are some of the shots. Oh by the way, all shots are taken my 50mm.

Bird 1

Bird 5

Bird 2

Bird 4

Bird 3

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