Friday, July 16, 2010

Wesak Day 2010

Time to clean up the cobwebs. It's my semester break again. Guess that explains why I'm updating the blog now. I will try to update as regular as possible whenever I have the chance.

Wesak Day took place in the month of May. For those who don't know what is Wesak Day all about, here's a something for you guys. Wesak Day is to mark the birth, Enlightenment and passing away of Gautama Buddha.

As usual, I went to temple and volunteer to help at the stall. This year, my temple were glad to receive a visit from the Prime Minister of Malaysia and his wife, together with other ministers. Besides that, we also received a pleasant visit from Gordon Ramsay. For those who watched Hell's Kitchen, you guys know who I'm referring to.

I guess I'll let the pictures below to do the rest of the talking.


flower 2

flower 3

Flower 1

Don't blame me for taking few flower pictures...I was helping at the flower stall.

busy street

Busy street. Sorry for this blur image, I didn't mount my camera onto a tripod and I was shooting in a slow shutter speed.

handing strings out


Tossing the coin

Tossing the coin into the fountain.


The press and crowd trying to get a shot of the VIPs (Prime Minister and his wife together with the ministers)

Gordon Ramsay with me

Lucky enough to get a shot with Gordon Ramsay. wooooot !!!

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