Saturday, April 5, 2008


I consider this as an oldies post as this event took place quite sometime ago. Besides, it isn't a memory that I would like to remember.

You guys may ask why I wouldn't want to remember it especially this year.It's simple...we won nothing. Yup ! Though my individual results improve but the team event which most of us put it as the highest priorities. Most will say that my team is filled up with kiasu people....but don't blame us, we've a good record on team event. Three consecutive years in under-15, we were the gold medalist. It means that since I'm form 1 we've started winning all the way.

Sadly, this year we weren't able to make it a forth and be the champion in the U-18 category for the first time. The worst part is it's Kevin's last year. Going home empty handed and it's the last's painful thing.

Nevertheless, I'll post some pics too eventhough frustration is high....
the school...forgotten the name...=P It's in Shah Alam.
The hall

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