Wednesday, April 30, 2008

HAPPY BiRthDaY !!!

Wishing my 2nd nephew a very happy belated birthday. I know what you guys are thinking lah...but I'm not that old ok ! Anyway, this event took place last week the same day as my debate day.

As soon as I reached home, my mom rushed me to bath as we're suppose to leave soon. I was like "WAHLAU !!! So fast meh !" but I realize that it was kinda late as it was already 6.00 pm. After getting bath, we left home and reached the restaurant at 7.00 pm.

As usual after greeting all my relatives, we set down patiently while waiting for our mouth-watering food. The type of the dinner was eight course style. Soon, the dishes arrive and we wait no longer and filled our stomach.
I must say that the food here is not bad. It's pretty good. Then, after we ate the scrumptious food, we left and headed to my cousin's home and chit chat again ! We all really talk alot don't we. Around 11.15 pm, we headed to our respective homes.

The restaurant


1st dish

2nd dish

dunno what no. dish =P

Sizzling tom yam prawn

Rice with sausage

Macro shot of dish no .2

The birthday cake

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