Wednesday, December 9, 2009


After sooooooooooooooo long not updating, I decided to update now. Anyway, I'm not going to update for about... a week ? Blame the holiday mood. Blogs will be much more alive from now on as many people have finished their SPM ! For those who haven't, best of luck ! As SPM took place like for a long period of time which is probably about a month ?. Hence, it explains why I haven't got the chance to take much photos. This shots bellow were taken ages ago, please don't ask me why is it always natures I'm taking, is only probably because I don't have models to shoot. Hopefully during this period of time there'll be lots. Lots enough to hone my photography skills. Anyway, happy viewing those pictures.

leaf 1

leaf 3


leaf 6

leaf 2

leaf 4

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