Saturday, January 19, 2008

MalaySia Open 2008 !!

Tommorow will be the final of the first Super Siries of the year. The best part is CHONG WEI IS IN THE FINAL !!!!!!!!!

Finally, I get to see him play live tommorow !!!

He beat Chen Yu from China. I'll be very honest. I was really worried when Chong Wei is going to go against him. Chen Yu's attacking game is really really good. Unfortunately, Chong Wei managed to overcome his attack. In the first game, it was really really scary. Chen Yu reached game point and then lost the game point. After that, the game ended 25-23. I shouted like mad when Chong Wei won the first set.

In the second game, Chong Wei totally outclass Chen Yu. 21-11 was the score. I screamed too after the second match. =P



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