Sunday, January 20, 2008

Malaysia Open 2008

I don't think I can hear that clear for the time being. I guess the cheering and the noise from the great crowd made me like this. Nah, just kidding. XD.I went to the Malaysian Open 2008 today ( which is the final). Went there about 12.30 and reached there around 1.00pm. This time my seating is really good. I bought the premium seat which is the closest to the court.

This isn't the first time I went there. I went there last year during the World Championship. I must say that this Malaysia Open crowd is much much better than before. Why ? Because all of them were supporting our home ground hero, Lee Chong Wei. I'm really fortunate to be seating with all Chong Wei's supporter around me. So I can scream my lungs out and nobody would care.

So, the first game was the mix double. To be honest, I really didn't care about the game. But I must say that is quite entertaining to watch both sides playing. Then, moving on to the second round which is the women's single. I'm not trying to offend anyone's feeling but I must say last time I don't really enjoy women's single as the game isn't a fast and attacking kind of game. Nonetheless, I am really really amazed by today's match. It's really fascinating. Tine Rassmussen vs the defending champion, Zhu lin from China. I guess everyone expected Zhu lin to get an easy win over the Denmark player...but it turned out to be different. Tine Rassmussen won the match in a 3 match game.

After the women's single, the moment has finally arrived for the.......MEN'S SINGLE !!!!! Everyone....everyone single one of the people in the stadium is waiting for this big moment. Chong Wei vs Lee Hyun Il ( not sure of the spelling. Sorry =p ). Both with the same surname. XD.Before Chong Wei comes out from the court, we already cheered for him. Chanting his name as loud as we could.And then the match begin. He played superbly well in the first game but the Korean player totally outplayed him in the second round. It was a total different story when it was the third and the deciding game. Chong Wei was back on his form and clinch the title !!!

YUP !!! His fourth Malaysian Open
title !!!!

I'm sorry if the pictures ain't in good quality as I need to zoom in with my Canon Ixus and the crowd were always moving so might be pictures that are blur. This is the time when I which I had my own DSLR. *sigh*
Hi. I'm Lee.
Hi. I'm Lee too.

Coaches giving tips.

Chong Wei celebrates !!

More pics to come. I gtg.

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