Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Larian Twelveans

This annual event took place last Saturday. If anyone doesn't know what is this event about...it's a cross country. Where the student of SMK USJ 12 will run around the neighbourhood of USJ 12.

This year I didn't take part in this annual event as I was on duty to take photos !! Went to school at about 7.05 am and gathered with my fellow prefects for our normal roll-call. As soon as finished roll call I was already on duty to take the photos. Well, I brought my ixus camera but hardly use it because i was using the school's camera. Nonetheless, my ixus helped me to take a few pictures.

Well, since this is my second time typing this post ( yup, something happen to the first post ) , I guess I'll just post the pics of that event to show you guys what happened thay day. Picture speaks a thousand words mah !! =P

All pics were taken by my ixus

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