Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fan Club

I bet you guys are thinking about the the usual fan club which is about famous stars and huge fans asking for their autograph.

If you guys are guessing that fan, then....you guys are WRONG !!! Well, is a correct english word but it's wrong in this post. I'm talking about the fan. The fan that we switch on to cool down ourselves or whatever you guys do with it.

It all happened yesterday during Chemistry period. When Pn Alicia explained about what we should have to study Chemistry. She included a FAN CLUB !!! Since the chemistry fan is dead, she suggested us to like donate some money and buy a fan. A small fan. In every club there's a president and vice-president. The president is.....ME !!!! What the crap right ? But yeah...it's me and the vice-president is Bryan.

That's actually one of the unique idea I've heard of. Or maybe the one and only unique idea ( so far ) I mean it's really really unique. HAHA !!!

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