Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy BirtHday

The one who was wearing blue shirt during primary school

The one who was afraid of pacat

The one who got emo when people played with his invention

The one who was applies gel, cream, wax (you just name anything to do with hair la) most of the time

The one who laughs for no apparent reason

The one that loves to point finger to a camera

The one who is a pure poser

The one who is super gay

The one who loves Jonas Bro

The one who loves Basshunter not Bashhunter or Facehunter or Ghosthunter

The one is generous to sell tickets to Arthurs Day

The one who is kind to treat his heng tai for lunch (I'm still waiting for your blog's money)

The one who wants to watch Final Destination 4

The one who turns 17 on the 23rd of September 2009

zach's jump

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trademark 2





hot ?!


Happy Birthday Zach !

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