Monday, July 9, 2007

Harry PottEr !!!

Harry Potter 5 is coming out soon...oni two more days. Too bad is on weekdays...Can't go watch it. I doubt i can go watch it on weekends either coz it will be fully booked. So...guess I've to wait...To be honest...I'm looking forward for the last book than the movie. Most of the movie chop of the interesting parts. Quiditch is suppose to be quite long and interesting but....juz take a look in Goblet of Fire...they can't that match so much.

But this time...we'll get to see how Sirius die...Didn't get to see him act much but he died in this movie.

I'll be updating on my school trip to Segi College soon. Hopefully.

Acutally I'm juz posting up something...since I've nvr update this blog for so long..If you're asking y there aren't pics in this post....coz I got the feeling it might dc...But I hope it won't when I update about the SEgi.

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