Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter 7 : Deathly Hallow

YES !!!! I got the book...on the first day itself. I went to football at skss today as usual with my friends. I thought of waiting for the price to drop until when I went to Apollo's with my friends and they said Carefour was 69.90...for the whole day !!! while stock last lolx. I thought I have to be the first 100 or something like that.

So...without hesitation...I quickly took my bath and drag my dad along with me. He drove me there but didn't enter with me. First time in my life....I got lost in Carefour. Coz..I went in there through a different enterance. I nvr used it before. So...thanks to the guard I manage to find my way there.

When I was in there...I was finding the book like mad. I went running here and there. Then..only I realize it was at the enterance which I went in. I didn't see it. So...I went up and down and up and down...then I realize it was in front of my eyes...haiz...

But at that time there's only children's version left. There's still kind of alot to me...around 100+ or 200 +...I really wanted to get the adult version...but who i grab the book. And the best thing was...there weren't crowd...I guess I went quite late which was 10 am.

Then went to counter 18 to get my lucky draw...Thank god I went there...there were around 10-20 copies of the adult version. So..I ask the fellow wether I can change and he said yes !!

And my lucky draw was a pen...Not cheap..I must say.

After all I went through....I'm not reading it now...My bro is. And he started reading it since I told him I got it until now...I thing he's finishing. That's good. I wanna read it too. When I was in Carefour..that guy was still in bed...When I told him I got the book...energetic like what oni leh...lolx. Fair oso lah...Last time he went to que at Kinokuniya for HP 5. But of course didn't get.'s my turn. HAHA !!

Dun blame me for the bad pics..I was really in a rush. lolx.

The upstairs floor which left with children's version

Dun worry plenty of children's version.

See what I mean

Even adults are reading it.

That's the one I bought. Not

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