Sunday, July 15, 2007

Candle in the wind.

I juz finished watching One Tree Hill on 8TV yesterday. It's 12.15 am it's a new day. lolx.

Anyone out there watches One Tree Hill ? If you guys watched yesterday's episode, then good. I feel that was one of the best episode so far. It was meaningful and sad.

Well..the story was basically about the basketball state competition. And Whitney ( the Ravens coach ) really wanted to win it and of course the others as well. And their star player Nathan was being threaten by some guys. The guys threathen him not to play well so that the Ravens won't win. And of course in the end...the Ravens still won. But that wasn't the Nathan and his Haley walking home..The guy that threaten Nathan took the car and wanted to bang him but Haley saved him and ...Haley is a pregnant woman. And Nathan's bro too..was hospitalise...due to heart problems. He was giving info to some guy and faint.

So....enjoy what we have. Especially the happy moments. We never know what might happen to us. Death is so near that we can't sense when it's gonna happen. Is juz like a candle in the wind. I might be sounding a bit emo but's the truth. We don't know when bad times might happen. Guess we have to live like we're dying.

Why is it the good side have to get so much bad stuff ? And the bad guys get a bad stuff once or maybe twice ? Isn't it good will receive good and bad will receive bad juz like the peribahasa said Buat baik berpada-pada buat jahat jangan sekali. I'm not talking based on that episode itself but relating it with lives. What's happening to the world. Is it meant to be like that ? Where good side will have to face plenty of obstacles and bad times and the other side juz doing the evil deeds and wait to die. Sad to say but's happening in our lives or should I say some of our lives.

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