Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Camdodia DaY 2

After the first day...we had to get up early in the morning on the second day juz to see the sun rise. To see it, we've to go into Angkor Wat. So..woke up around 4.00 am ( their time) bath and everything. Then...our driver came late. So...he rush us to the ticket counter to buy them to get into Angkor Wat. Unfortunately...the sun had rised.. was like kinda wasted.

Then..we switch plan. We've decided to go to other places. We'll there this north, south east and west gate. And all this gate is far far away from each other. So we visited the south gate first. Juz a reminder from me...If you guys wanna visit it quick...the statue and buildings are beginning to fall apart. Nonetheless, their architature is beautiful.

To be hard to remember the places u've been in Camdodia...their design is juz like the same...and all the places u go...u juz have to climb up and up. If I'm not mistaken we've been to Bayon. That's the first place we went. And that's the first place we climbed up and up. Almost all the building or places that we've gone..we can see Buddha statue. Almost everywhere. Even on the street. basically...on the second day...we've visited the north south east and west gate of Camdodia. There isn't much too elaborate about those gate as much of it is juz the same.

Managed to take a shot. But didn't see the process of the sun rising.

My relatives and I in front of the South Gate.

Us on Bayon staircase. We're quite high up edi.

Go climb up lah !!! Still can take photo ah !! lolx

Day 2 is more to come. I'll update more soon.

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