Sunday, May 20, 2007

World DebatE !!!

I guess that most of you are aware about this debate thing going on. Where 80 participant went to Menara Star to battle among themselves to triump above the rest and represent Malaysia. They will going to Seoul, Korea to debate on this coming July.

Last Saturday, there was a debate presentation in Berjaya Times Square. The topic for that day is "This house believes that free trade bring harm to the developing world ". Something like that I think.

Well, I must say that that debate was a whoa. Seriously man. It's not like the Datuk Wira I saw...this one is like the boom man !!! HAHA !!! When they attack an opponent, they really attack. It was definitly a good debate... or shall I say the best so far I've ever seen. Well.. I must say that I'm not suprise since their all Malaysian debaters. So.. Good Luck !!! There will be another presentation at Ikano. I think so... Not sure..

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