Sunday, May 20, 2007

WEsaK DaY !!!

I know that this topic is kinda old but.... since the death of my old blog... I couldn't do anything for blog...

Wesak Day marks the birth,enlightment and death of the great teacher. As for me... the eve of Wesak Day is more significant to me as I usual do voluntary work at the flower stall with my family and relatives.. It's more significant as we went there at 6.30pm till 2 am.'s usual every year... there's plenty of stalls there.. The crowd started to come in around 10 pm... That's the pack hour. This year crowd was not as huge as last year and the previous one.

One good thing about Wesak Day... there's mua chee.. You know the peanut plus the sitcky thing wan... Later I show you all the pic.

This is mua chee.

My class project. Selling bookmarks to raise

funds. That's my teacher. Ronnie.

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