Friday, February 15, 2008

Eve of CNY

I can tell that most didn't have fun this year during this festive season because it's really kind of short ( in my point of view). Nevertheless, I really like the eve of CNY, not only this year but the previous year as well.

At night, my family had the what we called the reunion dinner. I'm sure all the family's will have this occasion. We had delicious steamboat for our dinner.It's been a while I haven't eaten steamboat. It's great to be able to tase or smell it again. ^.^

Spend my time in my grandma's house. Nothing interesting happen through out the day except when it's 12.00 am ! What happened you ask ? The fireworks greated the CNY, of course !

Ok. I think that's really nothing much to talk about.

yee sang


low-ing the yee sang


"hello CNY ! "

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