Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dong Zen

If I'm not mistaken I went to this famous, not forgetting beautiful temple on the 15th of February. I went there with my family around 7.30 pm.
When I saw a signboard saying it's only 2 km away from Dong Zen, I was quite relieved that we're finally reaching there. But guess what ? I felt that 2 km was 20 km. Due to the massive and heavy traffic jam, we arrived Dong Zen at 9.30 (including finding the parking).

We had to walk to Dong Zen as we weren't lucky enough to find parking near to it. Going to Dong Zen, we faced traffic jam, walking into Dong Zen was another jam. So many people were going into the temple despite the time. Finally, we walked and enjoyed the scenery of the temple.

After walking for a moment, we bumped into my relatives. Then, we head off to dinner in the temple as they were providing dinner (not free of course).

After dinner, we continued our walking and viewing. Mind you guys, the temple is really huge. Soon, we left the temple and headed for home as it was getting a little late.

I guess I can't explain to you how the scenery looks like...but I'm sure the pictures below can.

Entrance of Dong Zen

A warm greeting by the fireworks


Small tanglong

Tanglong is everywhere

Fried mushroom

My dinner

Float display

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