Friday, August 24, 2007

Badminton World Championship 2007

Badminton World Championship 2007

Last Sunday...was one of the best day...for this was the best. Y u may ask ? Coz I finally got a chance to go to the Badminton World Championship 2007 (final)!!! I bought the RM 41 ticket. There was 3 tickets...RM41, 53 , and RM 100++. Although it was 41 ringgit but the seat that was available is better than the one that the RM 53 has.

Most of the spectator was from Indonesia. Those people really got semangat wei !!! They really cheer for them. Then...there was also this autograph session with ur star. First I queued up to get the autograph from the Indonesia mix double pair....when I was so close to get it....they started to move...and...i didn't get them..BUT I got their pics !!! HEHEHE !!! The best of all was ... (dang dang dang) I got to see Lin Dan...LIVE !!!! I took pic of him.. Well...I guess the best part of the event was still meeting him and of course the other stars.

I dunno what happen to my internet connection for this two days...It's been dc-ing so many i guess i won't upload the pic till i get a good connection. Sorry :D

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